What are the Seeds of Life?

Short Answer: The Seeds of life are demi-god beings that could create life on a planet, they are ancestors for a certain entities such as Angels and Humans. They are created by the First Ancestral Race (entities that live thousands of light years away from Earth) to spread life onto certain planets and continue their legacy. Even though the only known Seeds of life are only Adam and Lilith, the number of the Seeds of life are actually seven. However, there is no information about the rest. The Seeds of life are sent to a certain planet by FAR using their ships called “Moon”.

To avoid conflicts on a planet that the Seeds of life were meant to populate, FAR created a rule so that each one of the Seeds of life can only populate one planet, that”s why FAR sent the Seeds of life with a Lance of Longinus each to deal if there is an inconvenience with the landing of a Seed of life. Although the Seeds of life are very powerful, there is a certain weapon to counter them, and that weapon is the Lance of Longinus which can paralyze a Seed of life if it is impaled to it.

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is known as the ancestor of humans and is one of the Seeds of life that was created by FAR. Lilith’s purpose is the same as the other Seeds of life, which is to populate a certain planet and prevent the FAR abilities and bloodline from becoming extinct. Lilith’s hereditary surplus of FAR is the fruit of knowledge, making Lilith’s descendants able to learn, think, and evolve.

“Shinji, we humans were born from a being called Lilith”

Misato Katsuragi

Lilith produced humans through her blood called LCL. The way it happened is that Lilith spread a liquid called LCL on Earth and then created normal terrestrials on Earth that evolved into Bacteria, insects, etc., which eventually lead to the human race. This also kind of matches Charles Darwin’s theory in the non-fiction world about human evolution, but Charles didn’t mention something about microbes and bacteria. But still, he believes that All life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism.

Who is Adam?

Adam is one of the Seeds of life and the ancestor of the Angels that are referred to as Adam’s children. Every Seed of life has its own surplus, Adam happens to be the Fruit of Knowledge, this makes Adam’s descendants which are Angels, have unlimited power and immortality. To make it clear, the Angels that came from Adam are the Angels that humans fought against, because the word “Angels” referred to so many things, even humans are considered Angels.

“The starting point of everything, this is Adam.”

Kaji to Misato

A little further on Adam’s background, Adam is created by FAR and is the first Seed of life that arrived on Earth. Therefore, Adam is the one that is supposed to create life on Earth. However, there was a certain inconvenience that made Lilith’s ship crash into Earth, Moreover, Lilith’s Longinus lance is lost during the crash. FAR sends the seeds of life in a very structured way, they make a rule that if two Seeds of life land on the same planet, the Longinus spear will stab itself into one of the Seeds of life so that it will be paralyzed, then the other Seeds of life can continue their task of populating the planet.

What was their mission?

Many people assume that the Seed of life was sent only to populate the planet and although they are right, the Seed of life serves much more than that. The First Ancestral Race created the Seeds of life because in a short time they would be extinct. The First Ancestral Race is probably the most intelligent beings in the galaxy, so in order to maintain their abilities from becoming extinct, they created seven Seeds of life and legate their abilities into the seven seeds of life. Basically, the Seeds of life were created to preserve the First Ancestral Race’s legacy by creating new life forms using their genetic material.

How did they get captured?

We know that humans have the fruit of knowledge; it’s the ability that makes them able to learn, think, and evolve. When humans found Lilith, they might capture Lilith using only normal tools such as cranes, helicopters, etc. Lilith is held captive by humans in a crucified position using two nails that are impaled through Lilith’s hands. Whereas Adam is found by humans in an already paralyzed state due to the Lance of Longinus, they used Adam for experiments, as a result, Adam’s body self-destructed and turned Adam into an embryonic state, while Adam’s soul was inserted into a human body known as Kaworu. Adam’s Embryo was kept by Gendo for further use as part of the instrumental Project.

“It’s already restored itself this far. It’s frozen inside dura-bakelite, but it’s still alive. Without a doubt, this is the keystone of the Human Instrumentality Project, isn’t it?”


How powerful are they?

The power of the Seeds of life isn’t really shown in the series, however, there are a few clues to indicate their power. A little bit of a Seed of life power is shown through Kaworu, his A.T. Fields is so strong that he could even fly and control the Evangelion unit with it. And also there’s another clue to indicate the power of the Seeds of life through Lilith when fused with  Rei and Adam’s embryo. Lilith could even create anti-A.T. Fields that are strong enough to destroy all of the humans form on Earth. so from that, we could see how powerful they are, but still, we have no idea how powerful the Seeds of life were if it was in a single form.

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Our final thoughts

Basically, the Seeds of life are an ancestor to a certain entity, for example, Angels and Humans. They were sent and created by FAR to preserve FAR’s abilities and continue their bloodline because in a short period of time FAR will be extinct. FAR created seven Seeds of life, but the only known Seeds of life are Adam and Lilith (the ancestors of humans and Angels). The power of Seeds of life aren’t shown much but looking at a few clues, we know that the Seeds of life are very powerful because if two Seeds of life were fused, they could destroy all of the human lifeforms.

Thank you for reading!

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