What is SEELE in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Short answer: SEELE is a powerful secret organization that controls the politics and financial wealth of every country on Earth. They have that much power because they found the Dead Sea Scrolls. SEELE is also responsible for the major events that happened in the evangelion, such as the second impact. The number of SEELE members seen reaches up to fifteen members, but the actual number of SEELE members is uncertain. SEELE seems to have some ties to NERV, they often arrange meetings to discuss NERV’s progress in defeating the Angels.

Does NERV work for SEELE?

Nerv works with SEELE for the purpose of fighting Angels. However, NERV is not a part of SEELE , they just work together. SEELE helps Nerv in making Evangelion units because Seele has the Dead Sea Scrolls and has a guide for making Evangelions. Basically, they are both allies of necessity who work together to achieve their own goals.

At the End of Evangelion, SEELE seems to betray Nerv. SEELE betrays Nerv because SEELE’s true goal is almost complete, so nothing can stop SEELE’s plan to trigger the third’s impact. However, NERV soon realizes and then makes Rei control the third’s impact. As such, it was Rei Ayanami who became a god instead of SEELE.

Who are the members of SEELE?

As we mentioned earlier, SEELE is a secret organization, and there is still a lot of information about SEELE that is unknown. The only name that is revealed as the member SEELE is Keel Lorenz, and the rest are unknown. Keel Lorenz is a 50-year-old man with a cyborg appearance, wearing a visor for his eye and a robotic spine and despite his age and physical status, he is the leader of SEELE.

When Gendo held a meeting with SEELE through a hologram, five people were seen attending the meeting, including Keel Lorenz. Those five people that appeared at the meeting are known as the Human Instrumentality Committee. All the 5 people were SEELE members, with Keel Lorenz the leader. The Human Instrumentality Committee represents 5 countries: Germany, the United States, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom.

What is SEELE’s goal?

SEELE ‘s true goal is to control the Human Instrumentality project so they can end all physical human life but merge all human consciousness with Adam and Lilith in order for humanity to become part-God, because they believe this is the next stage of human evolution. In order to complete their plan, SEELE needed first to destroy all the angels which is why SEELE worked together with NERV.

Although Gendo and SEELE both planed to start the human instrumentality project, the two had different goals for it. Gendo wanted the Human Instrumentality Project to reunite all human consciousness within an evangelion in order to protect the human species. Other that that, he also wanted to initiate the third impact in order to reunite with his late wife. SEELE, on the other hand, wanted the human instrumentality project to bring humanity back to its primordial beginning. They wanted all humans to merge with the black moon, Lilith. This would allow mankind to become part-God. They also planned on destroying the Longinus spear, which is the only weapon that can stop them.

However, the resources to trigger the human instrumentality project were more available for Gendo and when he realized that SEELE wants to initiate the Human Instrumentality Project themselves as soon as the last Angel is defeated, he wastes no time and immediately brings Rei Ayanami before Lilith. Rei then triggers the Thrid Impact by fusing with Lilith and Eva Unit-01 also merges with Lilith. This causes Seele’s plan to fail as it was Rei Ayanami who became a deity instead of them and although humanity was now part-God, they could still turn back to their human forms if they willed it.

Did SEELE send the Angels?

SEELE did not send the Angels, but Seele is responsible for the second impact. When SEELE triggered the second impact, it awakened Adam, which in turn awakened the Angels. But, in the case of Kaworu Nagisa (the last Angel), he wasn’t born from Adam, he was made by SEELE and purposely sent to NERV with the intent of having them to kill him. This was because SeeleSEELE didn’t want a human instrumentality project by relying on Adam’s or Lilith’s powers.

Why does SEELE have so much power?

SEELE has so much power and wealth because SEELE is a religious organization that has been around for a long time. SEELE also the Dead Sea Scrolls, which contain useful information related to the seeds of life on earth, also known as Adam and Lilith. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain information about the human instrumentality project, which is where SEELE finds information on how to start the human instrumentality project.

SEELE always funded the investigations and discoveries that would be useful in achieving their goals. The second impact that awakened Adam was one of the researches funded by SEELE and although the risk of having the Angels dominate Earth was there, SEELE was prepared because they had already planned to use NERVs EVAs to fight the angels.

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