Top 10 Best Heroines in Mecha Anime

Hey Mecha fans! Who’s up for some epic action? Today’s a special day because we’re shining the spotlight on some truly extraordinary heroines—the badass, daring, and downright awesome ladies of Mecha World! Whether you’re a long-time lover of the genre or just dipping your toes in, come hang with us as we give a shoutout to these powerful gals who are not just steering the story but also stealing our hearts.

All right, let’s quickly lay down what we’re looking at for our top 10! We’re scouting for ladies who are:

  • Brave: Facing fears with guts,
  • Smart: Outwitting foes and using resources wisely,
  • Compassionate: Spreading kindness and keeping peace,
  • Loving: Forming bonds that inspire them to protect.

So, grab your munchies and come along as we zip through galaxies to shout out our ten kickass women that make everyone jealous.

10. Miorine Rembran of Gundam Witch From Mercury: The Warrior with a Heart of Gold

So first up, but totally not the least, let me tell you about our amazing warrior, Miorine Rembran. Ever since she was a kid, Miorine was all about caring and healing; it’s like it’s in her DNA. Seriously, she comes from a whole family of awesome medics. From the get-go, she was surrounded by the world of healing and nurturance.

In Episode 7, she was like a real-life superhero! Okay, so here’s the scoop: things heat up at this fancy business gathering, and poor Suletta is feeling totally out of her element. But never fear, because Miorine is here! She comes to the rescue with her epic bravery, intelligence, compassion, and love. Seriously, Miorine handles the pressure like a boss, using her genius-level intelligence and amazing social skills to help Suletta and Aerial navigate those tricky waters.

And guess what? She saves the day! Miorine swoops in, saves Suletta from those sneaky business folks, and shows us that love and kindness can conquer anything. How awesome is that? Miorine is a true hero who reminds us that no matter how tough things get, there’s always someone out there willing to step up and make a difference.

9. Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Enigma in the Eva Cockpit

So, you know how in Evangelion we have Asuka, right? Well, there’s also this super cool and mysterious girl, Rei Ayanami. Some might think she’s kind of passive because she’s so quiet, but oh man, she’s got this silent strength that’s just epic. Rei is like, super committed and always on point with her mission to protect everyone. Underneath that silent exterior, she’s actually super smart and a total strategist. She might not say much, but when she acts, it’s clear she knows exactly what she’s doing.

She usually has this cool and detached vibe, but there’s this one episode, Episode 23, where she’s just awesome. She goes up against this Angel, Armisael, and it’s intense. She’s brave and super smart in handling the situation, figuring out the best time to act and all. But here’s the kicker, she also shows this softer, compassionate side we rarely see. She decides to sacrifice herself to save Shinji and everyone else. She literally merges with the Angel and blows up her Eva to protect her friends. It’s like she’s not just the quiet and mysterious girl we know, but someone who really cares and maybe even loves her friends. It’s pretty deep and touching!

8. Relena Darlian of Gundam Wing: The Peaceful Warrior in a World of Chaos

Meet the stylish and tactful Relena Darlian. She shows us that being a hero isn’t just about muscle and might. She grew up surrounded by political schemes and learned how to be graceful and diplomatic pretty early on. Even though she comes from a high-class background, Relena is super passionate about everyone being treated equally and living in peace. She’s not afraid to stand up against her own privileged status to make the world a better place.

In episode 18, titled “Tallgeese Destroyed,” Relena shows off her brave and compassionate side. She finds out that Heero and Zechs are going to have this intense duel, and she’s like, “No way, this isn’t happening!” She shows up in the middle of their showdown, without a care for her safety, just to stop them from fighting. Seriously, how brave is that? And it’s not just about stopping the fight; it’s about her caring for both of them. She’s like the voice of reason and love in the midst of all the chaos, trying to make them see sense. It’s so cool seeing her step up and show her caring side in such a dangerous situation! When she finds out she’s a Peacecraft? Woah. She gets right into those politics and shows she’s not just a pretty face.

7. Zero Two of Darling in the Franxx: The Thrill-Seeking Maverick in Pink

Guess who’s coming? Zero Two, with all her zest and charisma. Isn’t she just remarkable? Her bright pink hair and enigmatic vibe make her such a thrill to be around. Zero Two, with her boundless energy and contagious joy, is definitely the one who brings any gathering to life. Isn’t she a blast?

You should watch Episode 15, “Jian”! Zero Two totally rocks it in this one. First off, did you see Zero Two just diving headfirst into the battle with that massive Klaxosaur? Absolute legend! And not to mention, facing her own painful memories? Now that’s a different type of courage! Girl’s not just a fighter; she’s got brains too. The way she strategizes during those wild combat scenes? Super impressive! She’s got this knack for spotting the bad guys’ weak spots.

Pretty handy in a pinch, huh? Even though she’s got this fierce exterior, it melts away when it comes to Hiro. Remember how worried she looked? Tugs at the heartstrings. She’d basically walk through fire for Hiro. And that part where she opens up to him? It just goes to show how deeply she cares. It’s not just Hiro though, she really does care about the whole gang. You can see it in the way she fights to keep everyone safe.

6. Yoko Littner of Gurren Lagann: Hitting the Bullseye in Battle and Life

Have you met Yoko Littner? This girl is downright fearless and such an inspiration! Living in a post-apocalyptic world, she’s had to be agile and resilient, quickly adapting to whatever comes her way. And her sharpshooting skills? Absolutely unparalleled. She’s not just hitting targets; she’s also capturing hearts, mine included. With courage that can light up a room, she boldly takes on danger, all while rocking that iconic red bikini outfit. And let’s not forget – she’s got this sharp, intelligent mind, always keeping it real and grounding everyone with her reality checks. Seriously, she’s the total package!

Have you watched Episode 8 titled “Later, Buddy”? If not, you absolutely should! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how badass Yoko is? She’s out there, front and center, taking on the Beastmen like it’s just another day at the office. Facing off against those massive Gunmen? No sweat for her. And those sniper skills? Dang! Girl’s got an aim. It’s not just about pulling a trigger. She’s gotta strategize, think on her feet, and predict where those enemies are gonna be. Oh, and that scene with Kamina? My heart! That surprise kiss said so much. It wasn’t just a peck on the lips. It was like she was laying her heart out there. And then, when Kamina… you know… It’s gut-wrenching seeing how crushed she was. But it really shows you just how deep her feelings ran for him.

But hey, through all that sorrow, Yoko’s spirit? Unbreakable. It’s inspiring to see her pick herself up and push forward, even with that heavy heart. Seriously, episode 8? It’s a rollercoaster. But it just shows what a gem Yoko is in the series. Makes me wanna rewatch it all over again! How about you?

5. Cagalli Yula Athha of Gundam Seed: Where Loyalty Meets Rebellion

You have to meet Cagalli Yula Athha! She’s not just royal, she’s royally awesome. This girl is no damsel; she’s all about leading with guts and heart. Juggling big, diplomatic grown-up stuff since she was a kid, she’s also highly attuned to empathy and fighting for what’s right. Imagine a blend of a tough soldier with a queen’s caring heart, that’s our Cagalli. She’s all in for her kingdom and folks, facing challenges with a sparkle in her eye.

You should totally check out episode 28, titled “Kira”, where our girl Cagalli Yula Athha is just killing it with bravery, intelligence, compassion, and loads of love. So, in this episode, Cagalli’s thrown right into the middle of this intense battle and even though she isn’t a fighter at first, she steps up big time, not letting fear hold her back. She’s also quick on her feet, making these super important decisions on the fly; which is seriously smart and cool under pressure. And you can just see the care and understanding in her eyes when she’s with other soldiers and civilians, offering a shoulder and some comfort when things get rough. Plus, the love she has for her friends and peace is huge. She’s out there risking it all to keep them safe and push for a peaceful end to the conflict.

4. Asuka Langley Soryu of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Bravery Wrapped in a Tsundere Package

You have to catch Asuka Langley Soryu in action. She’s this burst of energy and pure fire, zooming around in Evangelion-02 and tossing out zingers left and right. But hey, beneath all that spice, she’s got this sweet, genuine side that’ll hit you right in the feels. It’s like she’s tough and tender at the same time, and it’s impossible not to root for her. Trust me, you’re going to want to see her light up the screen!

I was watching Episode 22 of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, titled “Don’t Be,” and let me tell you, Asuka really shines in it. While she’s usually pretty tough and prickly, this episode shows us she’s got a lot of heart and smarts too. She’s grappling with this creepy Angel, Arael, that’s trying to crawl into her mind. And you know Asuka – she’s not having it. Fighting back with everything she’s got, it’s clear she’s trying to protect not just herself but also her fragile sense of self-worth and her deep need for love. It’s like she’s battling for validation and affection, and who can’t relate to that?

And there’s more! Pay attention to how she deals with the other characters, especially Shinji. There’s this quiet longing for connection that you can spot in her actions and words if you look closely. It’s like she’s reaching out, in her own Asuka-way, showing care and love for her friends without making it too obvious.

3. C.C. of Code Geass: The Immortal Tactician with a Pizza Passion

Landing in our third spot is the ever-enigmatic C.C., a total mystery girl who just draws you in with her intriguing vibes. As the story unfolds, we get to peel back the layers of her super complex character while she’s busy steering our rebel hero, Lelouch, through his big revolution.

Have you seen the “Turn 15” episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2? Our girl CC totally stole the show. When Lelouch was drowning in a sea of despair, she was right there, being the rock he needed. Without flinching, she stepped up, not just with guts but with a deep understanding of his pain. Trapped and in deep trouble, it was CC’s sharp mind and quick thinking that pulled them through. With a calm look that hides centuries of secrets, she threw support and insights into Lelouch’s way, being this quiet but unbreakable source of strength. And did you catch the tender, caring sparkle in her eyes for Lelouch?

In this nail-biter of an episode, CC is more than just part of the drama; she’s the unsung hero, blending bravery, smarts, love, and compassion in a way that’s as beautiful and haunting as a timeless melody

2. Vladilena Milize of 86: The Tactician Who Breaks Glass Ceilings

Have you ever heard of a strategist who’s as kind-hearted as they are smart? Meet Vladilena Milize, or Lena for short! This girl is a genius when it comes to war strategy, always knowing how to tip the scales with her smarts and big heart during those intense battles. Have you noticed how awesome Lena from the series is? She’s been growing and showing her true colors since the early episodes, especially with the Spearhead Squadron.

You know, there’s this episode of “86 – Eighty-Six” that really hit me in the feels.  It’s Episode 7, “I Don’t Want to Die.” In this one, our girl Lena really shines. Lena boldly challenges her superiors and colleagues’ prejudiced views towards the Eighty-Six. She is unafraid to confront them about the truth, even if it puts her reputation on the line. I mean, the way she stands up to her superiors? Total boss move. Her actions showcase her intelligence and bravery.

And the feels! The connection she’s building with the rest of the gang is so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. You can tell she’s not just doing her job; she really cares about them. Like, she’s up all night, trying her best to help them out during battles. It’s those little moments that make you realize how much she’s putting on the line for them.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a scene that’s gonna give you all the Lena goodness – her bravery, smarts, big heart, and all that – that episode is where it’s at. It’s a rollercoaster, but so worth the watch!

1. Lacus Clyne of Gundam Seed: The Songstress Who Battles with Heart and Mind

Hitting on our top list, let’s throw some cheers for the amazing Lacus Clyne. This girl isn’t just enchanting; she’s got an angelic voice and a spirit so gentle it could melt ice. But don’t let that fool you; she’s also a powerhouse. She’s a pop sensation, a voice in politics, and literally a ray of hope for everyone. Underneath her quiet way of talking is a will of steel, and she’s been leading armies to win with her smart strategies. No matter how tough things get, Lacus stays cool and collected.

You have to check out Episode 40 where Lacus Clyne totally steps up. Broadcasting from this snatched ship called the “Eternal”, she sends out a peace message to the major factions who are at each other’s throats. With a heart full of kindness, she’s all about peace and understanding, navigating through the mess of war with brains and eloquence that speaks to everyone. 

She manages to influence many of the key players and masses, advocating for peace and understanding. By the end of the series, after all the battles, drama, and some pretty intense moments, Lacus and the gang do manage to bring about some change. It’s not like everything becomes rainbows and butterflies instantly, but there’s hope. It’s like when you finally see a clear sky after days of stormy weather.

In this episode, you’ll see her courage, smarts, compassion, and love all shining through. It’s like she’s wrapping her love for humanity and a dream of peace into this powerful call that crosses all boundaries. She’s absolutely inspiring!

If you made it this far, you’re the best!

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