What are Witches in Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury?

Short Answer: A Witch is referred to as a person who is piloting Gundams during year 122 of Ad Stella. Humans have progressed in this era that they utilize the GUND Format to accomplish power beyond standard human capabilities. Individuals, whom we call Witches, who pursue this innovation resemble the witches of old exchanging trades for power or immortality at incredible expense.


A new Gundam franchise was released in 2022 by Studio Sunrise and was called Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. After learning this news, fans starving for a new Gundam series felt ecstatic and nostalgic. This new series made you wonder why it is called ‘The Witch From Mercury’. Hearing the word “witch,” our brain always drifts to a female who casts dark spells, wears black cloaks and pointy hats, and rides a broomstick. However, Gundam witches are the opposite of that. Although they don’t have magical powers, they do have superhuman abilities. Although they don’t ride broomsticks, they pilot colossal robots. Curious about the harmony between witches and Gundams? Wondering why witches are integral to the storyline? Join us in uncovering those questions.

A Brief Story

The series is set in A.S. (Ad Stella) 12 when numerous giant corporations ventured into space and built an enormous economic system. Here we meet the first female main character, Suletta Mercury, a lone girl from the remote planet of Mercury. The story will focus on her time as a second-year student in the piloting department of the Asticassia School of Technology.

Before we continue, I want to share one of Suletta’s quotes from her mother

“If you run, you gain one. If you move forward, you gain two.”

– Suletta Mercury

Witches and Gundams: A Marvelous Nexus

In the world of Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury, witches and Gundams play a major role in the story. So, in this awesome anime, witches are the badass characters with superhuman abilities. These witches aren’t your typical spell-casting, broomstick-riding, pointy-hat-wearing kind of witches; they’re fierce warriors who can summon and control powerful mecha called Gundams. Gundams, on the other hand, are these humongous, high-tech humanoid robots that the witches pilot during intense battles.

Each Gundam is unique and has its own set of weapons, abilities, and cool designs; making them nearly unstoppable. The Gundams aren’t just tools; they become an extension of the witches’ power and will. They are not just ordinary robots; they’re highly advanced machines with incredible firepower and agility.
The witches in this series are chosen by destiny and form special bonds with their Gundams, almost like a partnership, and together they form an unstoppable force.

They use their superhuman abilities to enhance the performance of their Gundams, making them even more formidable in combat. It is incredible to see how the witches and their Gundams work together, combining their strengths. The action scenes featuring the witches and their Gundams are quite epic, with intense battles and jaw-dropping maneuvers.

As the story progresses, we will witness how the witches and their Gundams unlock new powers and abilities and face challenging adversaries. The relationship between the witches and Gundams is often explored, highlighting trust and teamwork. Sometimes, the witches face internal struggles, questioning their purpose and the responsibility of piloting a Gundam. The series also delves into the witches’ personal lives, their friendships, and their growth as individuals.

Why Witches Were Necessary

In the series, people face numerous challenges in adapting to space, such as weightlessness, vacuums, and the environmental conditions of different planets. While there are a few solutions, for example, immunizations and implants, they scarcely keep down the problems they should prevent as well as being costly, and that implies that it is typically the rich that make it into space, eventually creating a disparity between those living in Space and those living on Earth.

To face this, the Vanadis Institute committed itself to creating the GUND Format, where the human sensory system would have the option to control artificial appendices and organs, to cite Dr. Cardo Nabo, “[to] supplement the delicacy of the human body.” Their expectation was not exclusively to eliminate the limitations that restrict occupancy in space but also to assist with fixing the divisions between the people of Earth and space.

The Enigmatic Origins of Witches

People thrive on the continuation and advancement of the development of intelligent life past its current structure and limits. The techniques can go from real-world ideas like nanotechnology, data innovation, and cognitive science to further hypothetical applications like reality simulations, cryonics, genetic manipulations, and artificial intelligence.

By creating and utilizing GUND Format innovation to accomplish something that typical people can’t do or maybe make something that could be better than people, the individuals who look to use this innovation resembled the witches of old making a trade with Satan for power or immortality, however at an incredible expense. That innovation is known as whole brain emulation or mind uploading, where an individual’s cognizance is transferred into a machine, giving them a kind of semi-immortality. In comparison, there is solid proof that it is conceivable with the GUND Format if not an ideal outcome.

Why They Are Feared: Paranoia and Misunderstanding

Despite their noble intentions, witches in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury often face fear and prejudice from ordinary people. The combination of the witches’ superhuman abilities, the close association with Gundams, and their unique role in society has fueled rumors and misconceptions. The witches’ powers are often misunderstood, leading to fear and mistrust from others. Their powers challenge the status quo and threaten the balance of power, leading to fear from those in authority as well. The witches’ potential to cause widespread devastation makes them a force to be reckoned with. However, by shedding light on the true nature of witches, the show aims to dismantle these prejudices.

When you have a weapon that can effectively annihilate foes to the detriment of its pilot’s life, it is not surprising that people despise and dread such a weapon. Call it common sense! As opposed to trusting that technology will get better, it is reasonable for humans and government officials to decide to hate the Gundams and their pilots. Regardless of how exceptional or progressive the innovation might be, the public will continuously dread and disdain something that can cause more hurt than good. Ultimately, the fear of the witches in Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury stems from their immense power and the unknown possibilities that come with it.

Here’s a video of the first battle of the Gundam Aerial. You can see for yourself why the fear came to be.

Permet Scores and Gundams: A Magical Bond

There is a super important concept that determines a witch’s power level, it is called the Permet Score. It’s like their magical ranking system! The higher the Permet Score, the stronger the witch is! It is kind of like a cool way to measure their superhuman abilities, indicating their compatibility with a specific Gundam. The Permet Score is calculated based on a bunch of factors, like the witch’s control over their powers, their experience in battles, and even their overall potential. It’s not just about raw power, but also about skill and finesse.

The witches with high Permet Scores are the ones who can summon the most badass Gundams and kick some serious enemy butt! The higher the Permet Score, the stronger the synergy between the witch and her Gundam, resulting in enhanced performance and unrivaled combat prowess. This bond between witches and Gundams creates a bond of trust and allows them to tap into a deeper level of magical energy, making them formidable forces to be reckoned with. The Permet Score is a way for the audience to gauge the growth and progress of their favorite witches throughout the series. It adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to each battle, as we wonder if a witch’s Permet Score will skyrocket after a major victory.

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Our Final Thoughts: Embrace the Magic, Unleash the Adventure!

The fear and misunderstanding that surround the witches only serve to heighten their intrigue and deepen their characters They remind us that it’s our differences that make us extraordinary and that with greater understanding, fear can transform into admiration and respect.

The anime series invites us into a realm filled with magic, mystery, and thrilling battles. What makes humans so terrified of Gundam? Is that dread legitimate? So, buckle up if you’re into a combination of epic action-packed battles and mechas, Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch From Mercury is the perfect anime for you!

If you made it all the way here, you are a true Gundam fan!

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