Top 10 best Gundams in Mobile Suit Gundam 00

When it comes to powerful Gundams, the fans will always rile up and debate with each other on which is the best Gundam and we totally understand that cause we too have our own list, specifically the best Gundams in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In this article, we’re going to tell you our picks for the top ten best Gundams of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and why we chose them.

10. GN-001 Gundam Exia

The first and iconic poster Gundam of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 deserves the 10th spot on this list. Now before you go attacking me for placing the Exia at number 10, hear me out. It is true that the Exia is a great and powerful machine as well as very agile and fast, it lacks combat offensive and defensive capabilities for both mid and long range combat.

In close combat however, it can easily take down enemies with its many beam sabers and its huge physical sword. Being very agile, it can easily dodge enemy attacks and swoop in for the attack. When Trans-am is activated, it loses its disadvantages against ranged opponents as it gets a major boost in both speed and power. With Trans-am, the Exia can easily close the distance between itself and its opponents.

However, Trans-am is only active for a short time. After that, the Exia could be left with a hard time having to defend itself against ranged opponents.

One special feature about the Exia that’s worth mentioning is its large physical sword. With it, the Exia can tear through GN fields that are such a great defense against beam type weapons.

9. GN-011 Gundam Harute

Think of the Harute as the standard model on this list. It closely resembles what comes to mind when people think of what a Gundam or Mobile Suit looks like. However, just because it’s the one that mostly resembles a normal Mobile Suit, it is far from being weak.

Unlike most of the Gundams on this list, the Harute is a great machine in a lot of ways. It can fight in close combat, mid range and as well as long range combat. Speed also isn’t an issue as this Gundam is quite fast as well as agile making it very useful for close combat. It can also be equipped with rocket boosters on its legs that increase its speed significantly to allow the Harute to enter the battle field quickly. It is also equipped with a beam saber but it mostly uses its physical shield which can transform into a pincer that can easily tear apart enemy Mobile Suits.

For mid range combat, the Harute uses two beam machine guns. With it’s speed and agility, the Harute can easily avoid and keep the fight in mid range. For long range combat, the Harute can use its two large beam cannons that are mounted on its back. These cannons are also very powerful. They are comparable to the beam cannons of the Virtue or the Seravee.

8. GN-010 Gundam Zabanya

When it comes to shooting down enemies with a beam rifle, no other Gundam does it better on this list than the Zabanya. Just like its predecessors, the Dynames and Cherudim, the Zabanya is also designed as a long range sniping Gundam. It boasts an extremely long range with an accuracy that allows the pilot to take down enemy Mobile Suits before they can even detect the Zabanya.

However, like its predecessors again, the Zabanya doesn’t shine when it comes to close combat fighting. It was never meant to engage combat this way but that isn’t to say that it’s helpless when it comes to close combat. It also comes equipped with a beam saber and it also has multiple riffle bits on it that can act as a physical shield.

For mid and long range combat though, this is where the Zabanya shines. Other than the fact that it can shoot down enemies with its main cannon accurately, it can also use other weapons like missiles as well as a special feature of this Gundam called riffle bits. When used, the Zabanya can attack multiple targets at once. This allows the Zabanya to have a 360 degree angle of attack. It can attack from any direction and the beams that come of the riffle bits are also powerful enough to take down enemy Mobile Suits with one shot.

7. GN-008 Seravee Gundam

Among all the Gundams listed here, the Seravee is just of the few that can shoot out a ridiculous amount of GN particles as a beam or beam projectile to destroy enemy Mobile Suits or an entire fleet. Just like the Zabanya, this Gundam was made for long range and mid range combat. However, unlike the Zabanya, this Gundam doesn’t shoot with precise beams that target the enemy Mobile Suit cockpit. Instead, it uses its burst mode to concentrate and compress its GN particles and release them all at once as a giant GN beam or beam particle attack.

Using this attack, the Seravee is very good when it comes to long range combat. It’s also able to drop enemy numbers quickly, making the fight easier for the other Gundams of Celestial Being. For medium range combat, it can shoot particle beams from its cannons that aren’t highly compressed. A single shot from these beams is usually enough to take down one to three enemy Mobile Suits.

Although the Seravee has strength in firepower, it is lacking when it comes to agility. It’s also a very large Gundam which makes it easier for enemies to hit it. But it’s not defenseless when it gets surrounded by enemies because it can generate a GN field, a spherical shield that protects the Seravee in all directions.

GN-009 Seraphim

For close or melee combat, the seravee is also prepared because it has not two but four arms that can attack the enemy with a beam saber. Also when fighting other Gundams, it can deploy, from its back, GN-009 Seraphim and activate the trial system. In doing so, all other machines that are linked to veda that are not worthy are cut off from veda and are immobilized, making it very easy to destroy them.

6. GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron

The Alvaaron is a Gundam that is designed like the Harute. It can fight at any range but it’s most powerful when it comes to long range combat because of its ridiculous beam cannon. It’s also quite fast and agile as it can keep up with enemy Gundams that are in Trans-Am mode as we see when the Alvaaron was fighting the Exia. However, for mid-range combat, we only see it use its beam rifle. A little bit surprising if you ask me since it’s such an overpowered Gundam. For close range combat, we only see it use a beam saber, which is ok but in the Alvaaron’s case might be more than enough since it’s one of a few Gundams that can generate a GN field. Any range beam attacks that come its way are stopped by its GN field making it a really good defense for the Alvaaron.

All in all, with it’s speed, agility, power, range and GN field the Alvaroon is a Gundam that is indeed very powerful. It’s only fitting that it was used as the Gundam of the main antagonist of the show in season one.

5. GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei

If we had to pick a Gundam, with a single GN drive, as the definition of the word “overpowered”, this would be it. The Gundam Throne Zwei is a perfect Gundam considering it only has a singe GN drive. Although its only effective at mid to close range combat, so are most Gundams. That means battles usually happen at mid to close range combat, which is advantageous for the Throne Zwei. For mid range combat, it has a beam rifle that can easily shoot down enemy Mobile Suits as well as its GN Fangs, which are small interceptors that can either pierce the enemy Mobile Suit or shoot it with a GN beam. These Fangs are no joke, they extremely fast and they can even pierce a Gundam with a GN field because they are physical weapons. Their beams are no joke either. They can fly around the enemy and shoot them from all angles making it hard for the enemy to focus on the Throne Zwei if they are not destroyed yet.

This Gundam also has a large physical sword that it can use to take down enemy Gundams with a GN field. Even more so, it also has the ability to use the Trans-Am system which makes it more overpowered. I don’t know if you guys agree with me, but I think the most powerful, single GN-drive Gundam, is the Gundam Throne Zwei. If this Gundam had a twin-drive, It could fight even the 00 and it might even be a close match.

4. GNX-U02X Masurao

This is the first twin-drive Gundam in our list and we’ve got good reasons why it takes the number four spot. This Gundam is equipped with the Twin-drive system which means that its output of GN particles is not double that of a single drive but exponentially more. When it comes to combat, the Masurao is build more for high-speed close combat. This is because of the fighting style of the pilot, Graham Aker. Because of this, the Masurao has amazing mobility and great speed that can easily close the distance between itself and its enemies. For mid and long range combat, it can also shoot beams from the antennas on its head. One amazing feature of this Gundam is that it also has the Trans-am system. When the Trans-am is activated, this machine can utilize the boost in speed and power to easily get close to enemy Gundams and Mobile Suits and slash them down with its beam sabers. Other than that, there really isn’t much else to say about the Masurao because again, it was custom built to the fighting style and standards of its one and only pilot, Graham Aker.

3. CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam

When we look at this Gundam, we think of the Strike Freedom and the Heavy Arms combined. That’s because this Gundam is armed so heavily plus it has fangs… talk about being overpowered. It’s mainly built for mid to long range fighting but it can also fight at close range because of its two large beam sabers. Also since it’s one of those Gundam that can generate a GN field, it has a defensive shield that covers it entirely.

During its one and only fight, with the Gundam 00 Raiser, not only was it able to keep up with the speed and power of the 00 Raiser, it was actually able to damage it significantly, almost completely destroying the one of the legs of the 00 Raiser. The Fight between this Gundam and the Gundam 00 Raiser ended in a draw, that only goes to show how much of a beast this Gundam is. It’s power is seriously no joke. We can even say that the one thing that the 00 Raiser has over the Reborns Gundam is it’s ability to quantize but even still, their epic battle ended in a draw.

2. GN-0000 00 Gundam

The iconic 00 Gundam. The first of the Gundams to have a Twin-Drive system. The one that started it all and inspired the enemy to follow in its wake. If you’ve seen the show, or even if you have not, you must already know that this Gundam is nothing short of powerful and amazing. It’s like the Exia but on steroids. Because of its Twin-Drive system, the 00 Gundam can accomplish so much more than the Exia, one significant thing is that it can fight for much longer since it has a much more greater yield of GN particles because of the Twin-Drive system. One special thing that has only been observed on the 00 Gundam, and even not on other Gundams that have the Twin-Drive system is that it can use the Twin-Drives to block enemy projectiles, be it physical missiles or beams. It can ramp up both solar reactors and so much GN particles are generated that they leak out from both reactors. the 00 Gundam then directs these leaked out particles to its front and uses them as a shield. It’s sort of like a partial GN field because it works basically the same way.

For combat, the 00 Gundam was designed with Setsuna F. Seiei in mind so this Gundam is more of a close combat type Gundam. This is made very clear as the 00 Gundam closely resembles the Exia not only in design and color but as well as weapons. It also multiple beam sabers, a physical sword, and a physical shield. It can also generate a GN field which makes it more OP. But guys, let me tell you… the thing that makes this thing very overpowered, is it’s ability to quantize. What does that even mean? It means it can rip itself apart in the quantum level and assemble itself again in another point in space. If you’ve ever seen Naruto Shipuden, think of Tobi. This Gundam’s special ability is similar to Tobi’s. I know… it’s very overpowered for a Gundam. Well… that’s one of the things that makes this anime unique and worth watching though.

What’s more is that, this Gundam can be equipped with a support unit called the 0 Raiser. It’s basically a Mobile Armor but when it docks with the 00 Gundam, the speed and power of the 00 are again heavily boosted and it also gains new weaponry from that of the 0 Raiser. The most notable is the Raiser sword. It’s actually a giant beam but the steady output of highly compressed GN particles turns it into a giant sword that the 00 Raiser Gundam can slowly move around. It’s also strong enough to destroy entire fleets with one attack or even space stations or satellites.

Did I forget to mention that this Gundam, since its a Celestial Being Gundam, also has the Trans-Am system, so now, it’s super overpowered. However, the quantize ability isn’t used often and the pilot, Setsuna F. Seiei, was only able to use it when he became a true innovator. There’s no guarantee that it’s something any pilot of this machine could use. Still, even without the quantize ability, this Gundam is very powerful in the hands of a great pilot.

1. GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]

We only got to witness this Gundam in the Movie, Awakening of the Trailblaizer, and if you’ve seen it, you’ll notice that this machine isn’t as heavily armed as the 00 Gundam. However, that doesn’t mean it’s weaker. In fact, it’s just the opposite. This Gundam is the first of it’s kind. It boasts the first functioning Quantum system… the successor of the Trans-Am system. With this, this Gundam is already leaps and bounds more powerful than the 00. It also features improved Twin-Drive systems which allow it to output much more GN particles. We only see a little of this Gundam in the movie but based on the movie, this Gundam is able to emit so much GN particles that if the pilot is an innovator, he can connect his brainwaves with everyone in the area where the GN particles of the Qan[T] have spread. Languages don’t even matter here anymore because we see in the movie that Setsuna was able to communicate and understand the ELS using the Qan[T].

Other than that, for combat, it is also equipped with multiple beam sabers, a large physical shield and it can use the special attacks of the 00 Raiser but with much more power. This Gundam is basically the 00 Raiser but with more speed and power.

Also, because it’s running on a quantum system, this Gundam can quantize more easily than the 00 Raiser ever could. Which makes it even more over powered compared to the 00 Raiser. What’s even more? This Gundam can teleport great distances. Yes, you read that right. This Gundam can teleport. During the movie, Setsuna used this Gundam to teleport to the ELS homeland by creating a wormhole after which he used the quantum system again to release a lot of GN particles which allowed him to communicate with the ELS.

All in all, you can see why we chose this Gundam for the number one spot on this list. It’s the latest Gundam of Celestial Being, it has the latest upgraded Twin-Drive system, it uses the quantum system, it can quantize easily, and it can teleport.

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