Code Geass: Top 10 Knightmare Frames

What are Knightmare Frames?

Knightmare Frames are basically advanced mecha machines designed to be piloted by humans. The Holy Britannian Empire created them to conquer the world. Needless to say, Knightmare use can change the course of battles in seconds.

The most basic weapon of a Knightmare is Slash Harken which is a harpoon mounted on a rocket projectile. Some Knightmares have Maser Vibration Swords that use the high oscillations and temperatures to create powerful cutting strikes.

Today, we are going to rank the best Knightmares from Code Geass. Each Knightmare has unique weapons and abilities. Which Knightmare Frame will prevail over all others? Stay with us to find out more.

10. Mahoroba Type-01 (UPI-01)

The Mahoroba Type-01 is a Knightmare Frame made for non-combat operations. Despite being an advanced version of the Shinkiro, the Mahoroba didn’t turn out to be as impressive as its predecessor.

It is equipped with two Slash Harkens and two Maser Vibration Swords, making it a pretty much standard Knightmare. The Mahoroba is the latest Knightmare featured in the last movie of Code Geass. It has proven to be very useful during a critical operation despite having average armaments.

9. Galahad (RZA-1A)

The Galahad is a 7th generation Knightmare Frame owned by the Holy Britannian Empire. It’s is a powerful Knightmare even though it is not loaded with many weapons. It does however have ten Slash Harkens mounted on the fingers of both arms that can engage many targets simultaneously.

This Knightmare Frame is bigger (7.20 Meters) than standard Knightmares and just like a few special Knightmares, it has an integrated Float System which allows it to fly. The Galahad also has the Blaze Luminous System, which enables it to generate energy shields around any part of the Knightmare.

The Lance is the primary weapon of choice for this Knightmare and with it, the Galahad can destroy the enemy Knightmares in one attack. However, it later obtained a Maser Vibration Sword called Excalibur. The sword is quite powerful as it can destroy the defense of the enemy in one slash.

The sword is bigger than the Knightmare itself, which shows the supremacy of Exacilbur over other armaments of Galahad. The interesting thing about Exacilbur is its ability to generate energy shields which means it is a weapon with both offensive and defensive abilities. Even though The Galahad has such a powerful weapon, it lost to Twin Maser Swords of Lancelot Albion.

8. Tristan Divider (RZA-3F9X1)

The Tristan Divider is a 7th generation Knightmare Frame owned by Order of the Black Knights. It’s an advanced version of the original Tristan Knightmare and as such, is equipped with more advanced armaments.

The Fortress mode of Tristan Divider is very interesting because it is like the Neo Bird mode of the Wing Zero Gundam from Gundam Wing. There are two Slash Harkens mounted on its arms that are very effective for medium-range combat.

The Slash Harkens can fuse together to form an Energy Canon with devastating power. The Maser Vibration Swords of the Tristan Divider are made from the remains of the destroyed Excalibur.

It has an Air Glide System instead of a Float System because it was made by the Order of the Black Knights. The height and weight of this Knightmare are quite average. Also, the design of the Tristan Divider is very stylish and flashy. In Fortress Mode, it can use machine guns like a fighter jet plane.

Like Galahad, Tristan Divider also experiences a crushing defeat at the hands of Lancelot Albion.

7. Shen Hu (XT-409)

The Shen Hu is a 7th generation Knightmare Frame owned by a Chinese Federation. It is a powerful Knightmare with a unique design and concept. Unlike most Top Tier Knightmare frames, the Shen Hu is actually an experimental Knightmare Frame developed by the scientist of Order of the Black Knights, Rakshata Chawla.

It has two specialized Slash Harkens mounted on each fist that can emit powerful electric shockwaves. They are very useful when it comes to long-range combat as it allows the Shen Hu to destroy enemy Knightmares without getting near them.

The Shen Hu’s main weapon is a Baryon Cannon mounted on its chest. We have never seen the full power of this cannon because none can stand its impact. This cannon can overpower Guren Type-02 in battle in less than 50% output.

The overwhelming energy blast from this canon can even destroy the shields made by Blaze Luminous System. The Shen Hu has a short sword which is perfect for close-range combat. This Knightmare is very difficult to pilot as it requires a lot of mental and physical strength.

Till now, no person can operate the Shen Hu to 100%. In episode 10 of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, the Shen Hu’s greatest output level recorded is 40% which is terrifying because even at 40%, the output Shen Hu has displayed overwhelming destructive power.

6. Shinkiro (Type-0/0A)

The Shinkiro is a 7th generation Knightmare Frame owned by the Order of Black Knights. It’s quite a flexible Knightmare as it can turn into a fighter jet called Fortress Mode just like Tristan Divider. Additionally, it can also turn into a submarine for underwater operations.

The Shinkiro has a strong defense system that allows it to create energy shields all over its body just like the Gundam Mercurius from Gundam Wing. This Knightmare also has a Druid System which can predict incoming missile attacks and generate shields to defend from those attacks. This system is pretty much like the Zero Cockpit System installed in the Gundams Epyon and Wing Zero from Gundam Wing.

For offense, the Shinkiro has two Hadron Cannons mounted on its wrists that can fire energy blasts. Like all Knightmares, it has two Slash Harkens hidden beneath its knees which are quite useful in Fortress Mode. The Shinkiro’s main weapon is the Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon mounted on its chest. When activated, it deploys a prism followed by an energy beam called Zero Beam which is reflected in all directions, destroying all enemies in the vicinity. Although devastating, this move requires the Shinkiro to disable shields which is a major drawback.

5. Lancelot Albion (Z-01Z) 

The Lancelot Albion is a 9th generation Knightmare Frame owned by the Holy Britannian Empire. As a next-generation Knightmare, it comes with various advanced weapons and systems.

One of its advanced systems is an advanced Float System called the Energy Wing System. The Lancelot Albion gains Energy Wings that enable it to fly in the air at incredible speeds and can also provide defense against missiles. Additionally, the Lancelot leaves afterimages in the air that can fool the vision of enemies when it moves around using its energy wings.

On the subject of armaments, the Lancelot Albion has four Slash Harkens. Two of which are mounted on arms while the rest are mounted on hips. The main destructive weapon of the Lancelot Albion is Super V.A.R.I.S. Guns (Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire) which is a powerful beam rifle. The Super V.A.R.I.S Guns come with 3 modes that can be used in different scenarios. Its most powerful mode is Full Burst Mode in which the true firepower of Lancelot Albion is released.

These Guns are like the Buster Rifle of the Gundam Wing Zero. It also has two Maser Vibration Swords for close combat. However, as powerful as the Lancelot Albion is, it was destroyed in the battle against Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.

4. Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements (Type-02/F1Z)

The Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements is a 9th generation Knightmare Frame owned by the Order of the Black Knights. It is an upgraded version of the Guren Flight Type. It was the first Knightmare to introduce the Energy Wing System.

It has 3 advanced Slash Harkens called Harken Boosters. Two are mounted on the shoulder while one is mounted on the arm. The Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. also has a short Maser Vibration Sword that is great for close-range combat. The Energy Wing System enables it to bring out 3 feather Wings that have the same functionality as the energy wings of the Lancelot Albion.

The Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.’s main weapon is incorporated in its right arm which is called Armor-Piercing Bombardment-Type Radiation Wave Unit. The main weapon gives this Knightmare the ability to destroy energy shields and Knightmares by simply touching them. It also has 6-tube Missile Launchers mounted on its back that are used to destroy long-range targets with accuracy.

3. Lancelot siN (Z-01/S, Z-01/S+MTM)

The Lancelot siN is a 9th generation Knightmare Frame. It’s an advanced version of Lancelot Albion with quite an upgrade in terms of technology and weapons. The armaments like Maser Vibration Swords, Energy Wings, Blaze Luminous are entirely the same though.

The major change in armaments includes C7-anti-material-V.A.R.I.S. Guns that are the upgraded version of the original V.A.R.I.S. Guns. Instead of adding modes, Hadron Cannon mode is removed for these Guns to preserve more power. The output of these Guns are far more destructive than the original V.A.R.I.S. Guns. The Lancelot siN also features a device called the Cocoon for defense purposes. The Cocoon is a better alternative to the Blaze Luminous because it’s more energy-friendly.

The most spectacular upgrade in the Lancelot siN is Frame Coat, a new technology that transforms Knightmares into Knight Giga Fortress (A full-fledged Battle-Ship). In Frame Coat mode, the Lancelot Sin is changed into Lancelot siN White Fang. In this mode, it is nothing but a terrifying weapon of mass destruction. However, the supreme weapon of Lancelot siN White Fang is Arondight Maxima. This armament can release countless thunderbolts that can destroy an entire fleet of the enemy in seconds.

2. Guren Type Special (Type-02/SP1,Type-02/SP1+MTM

The Guren Type Special is a 9th generation Knightmare Frame. It is an advanced version of the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements. This Knightmare features significant upgrades to the Guren Seiten armaments and systems.

It has a Hisho Kasso Yoku Kai (Air Glide Wing Custom) system which is an improved version of the Energy Wings. With this system, the Guren Type Special can move with super-speed without the need for frequent maintenance.

The main weapon of Guren Type Special is the “Radiation Propulsion Freely Movable Wired Armor-Piercing Bombardment” which is incorporated in its right arm. The output of this armament is greater than the previous one. The claw on the right arm rotates to form a drill while releasing an immense amount of Radiation Waves. It also has an advanced short Maser Vibration Sword called the Shisei Ichigo Netsu Zanto. Like Lancelot siN, the Guren Type Special also has Frame Coat technology that transforms it into Knight Giga Fortress (A full-fledged Battle-Ship).

In Frame Coat mode, the Guren Type Special is changed into the Guren Type Special Flaming Halo. Its ultimate weapon is the Large Radiation Amplification Type Right Arm. Using its ultimate weapon, this Knightmare can fire destructive radiation bursts from a long-range.

1. Nagid Shu Mane (KPX1)

The Nagid Shu Mane is the sole 10th generation Knightmare Frame in the entire Code Geass Series. It is owned by the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. It has a pretty cool look that resembles a powerful Knight. It has two shields mounted on its forearms.

These shields can also work as Slash Harkens and can generate Blaze Luminous across the body of Knightmare. It has an integrated Float System that allows it to Fly in the air with better mobility. It might be the only Knightmare that can fly well at low altitudes.

The Nagid Shu Mane holds a mysterious power called Megistos Omega that can increase the functionality and ability of Knightmare to another level. It gains an insane level of movement speed by using Megistos Omega.

The Nagid Shu Mane can also create afterimages like Lancelot Albion. It also has an assault rifle for long-range combat and a Maser Vibration Sword or close-range combat. In short, the Nagid Shu Mane is a complete powerhouse.

Interesting Fact:

Although Knightmares and Gundams look alike, there’s one significant difference between them and that is a cockpit-ejection system. Although Gundams are powerful, their pilots have no way to save themselves if they are faced with a fatal situation. All they can do is either run and hide or try to defeat the enemy. Knightmare Frame pilots however have it easier. Pilots can activate a cockpit-ejection system that when activated, shoots out a jet-stream of flame that propels the cockpit to a safe distance.

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