Why Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is the best choice as your first Mecha Anime

Short Answer: Mobile Suit Gundam 00, despite being an older mecha anime, has the story, music and animation allows the user to best experience what the mecha genre is without being overwhelmed. It has everything that someone new to the mecha would need to be able to enjoy themselves.

However, there is more to it than just that. If you’re interested, let me tell you a few more reasons why you won’t regret having Mobile Suit Gundam 00 as your first mecha anime.

Hi there! I’m Demby and I’ve been a Mecha and Gundam fan since I was a little kid. I started with Gundam SEED and Gundam Wing but have since expanded my knowledge of the mecha universe since then. For me, mecha is just one of the best genres in anime. You get pumped by the action and sometimes it’s just chill or it’s funny. I’ve been hooked on mecha all my life and If you give me the chance, allow me to tell you why I believe that Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is the perfect choice for you if you’re just starting out your mecha journey. Let’s go!

Why you should watch Mecha

To be honest, Mecha really isn’t quite like any other anime genre. You may think it’s just about giant robots fighting in space but really it’s more than that. There’s so much depth in the mecha genre and what it really comes down to is “humanity”. The entirety of the mecha genre is really about humanity. How we live, why we live, what it means to be alive, what it means to die and why do people kill one another. You will see the pain in the eyes of the characters as they experience the reality of war. You’ll see the pain they have to go through as they kill people in order achieve peace. And to that statement, you might even start to question, “what is peace?”.

There’s so much about humanity that goes on in the mecha genre that it makes you think so much about life. It can affect you so much to the point where you might start to have philosophical questions about life yourself. Just like other anime, mecha can make you smile like a fool or it can make you cry your heart out. It definitely has the ability to make you sad and questions so many things about the world we live in. As for what those things are, I’ll leave them to you to discover them on your own in your mecha journey.

It’s undeniable that giant robots are the norm in the mecha genre but they are merely the tools used in a deeper and richer story that awaits you.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is just one of the amazing mecha anime that awaits you but I believe that if you are new to this genre, this anime is the best one you can start with. Keep reading for more reasons.

Great animation

Let’s be real here, animation quality isn’t everything in an anime. There’s so much more like the story, the music and the character development to name a few. However, it’s never a bad thing when the animation is great. This is what you can expect from Mobile Suit Gundam 00, even though it’s an older anime, the animation quality is sure to make you stick around and keep watching. Because of its decent art, you can’t really tell the anime is old.

The colors are amazing and vivid, the cinematography is great and the facial expressions are beautifully drawn. Also, because it has such fine animation, you can expect the battles in this mecha anime to be fire. The battles are amazing. Coupled with amazing music and voice acting, the art and animation quality keep you glued to the edge of your seat. Trust me, the battles in this anime are one of the finest in the mecha genre.

Here are some of screenshots from the anime. Check it out and see for yourself what I mean when I say the art is great.

You can check out the animation quality from this video as well. I’m thinking you’ll like what you’ll see.

One more thing, there are little to no recycled animation in this anime. Well, excluding the launch scenes, the battles that take place in the anime are all unique. That’s one more thing to look forward to if you’re going to watch Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

A captivating story

I may not know you but because you’re reading this, it that tells me you’re taking an interest in mecha. It also tells me you are a fan of anime which is awesome by the way. What I want to say is that, this anime, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, is not like most anime. Well, any mecha anime is really different from all the other anime if it’s your first time watching mecha. However, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. This anime is really entertaining in a lot of ways.

In Mobile Suit Gundam 00, there’s a great amount of action, there’s drama, there’s joy, there’s tragedy, there’s some romance, there’s love and betrayal, there’s mystery, the characters’ developments are amazing and there’s also a side story that allows the viewers a break from when things get to tense or serious. It’s really a mecha anime that eases you into the mecha world.

When I was was watching this, I was in high-school and I got hooked fast. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to watch this mecha anime at first because I was super biased to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. I didn’t like it one bit when my friend said it’s just as good or better than Mobile Suit Gundam SEED because for me, at that time, no other mecha was better than Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. But I saw the enthusiasm in the eyes of my friend and I decided that I’d give this anime a chance.

He was not wrong. I can say with confidence that this anime is just as good as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
Most of the time while I was watching, I’d find myself spending more hours watching than intended. Obviously I was addicted back then and that’s not a good thing but just take that as my take on how captivating the story is. The story isn’t black and white at all. You don’t get to see the big picture early on and there are quite a number of plot twists in it too. If you watch this, I am sure that you’ll be having a great time.

Those are just a few reasons on why this mecha anime has stood the test of time. There are some people who might say more things about how great the story of this anime is but as for me, I do hope that

The length and pacing are just right

You know that feeling when you want to watch an anime but it’s just too long so you decide not to do it instead? Or that feeling when you start watching an anime and then it turns out to be so dragging that it bores you to death? Yeah, those are so bad.

Sometimes the anime is amazing but its also way too long. How about One Piece or Naruto or Dragon Ball Z? Although these aren’t mecha anime, they are no doubt great anime. Not all have the time and patience though to sit down and watch all the episodes.

So what we want is the perfect blend of anime length. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has just the right amount of episodes for someone who is just starting of their mecha journey. It’s just enough to make you want more mecha in the end.

This anime has two seasons. Each season has twenty five episodes, making the total number of episodes you need to watch, fifty. I think that number is just right for you since you’ll be having a great time with each episode.

The pacing of this anime is also great. It’s not dragging nor is it too fast. Most importantly, it doesn’t abuse time skips. Don’t you just hate it when the anime just uses time skips to move the story along? In Mobile Suit Gundam 00, there are time skips but they use them in a way that makes sense. That way it doesn’t really bother you.

Music that makes every scene better

I’ve always believed that a scene is never as amazing as it is without its music. I believe that music makes up 50% of what we feel when we watch something. Let’s say you’re watching an anime and it’s a dramatic scene, it wouldn’t feel as dramatic if there was no dramatic music in the background right? Or let’s say, if during the dramatic scene, there was an upbeat music in the background, music that doesn’t fit the scene. Now that would make you not feel the drama at all.

However with Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the music is on point. It has music for everything. From comedic moments, to dramatic moments, to battles. Let me tell you, the music in this anime takes the feeling to a whole new level. During battle scenes, the music makes you really feel the heat of the moment and puts you on edge and during sad scenes, the music plays a soft slow piece or sometimes, nothing at all. Throughout the anime, there is a masterful use of music and silence to make a scene the best it can be.

Other than that, the opening and ending songs of this anime are amazing. You can check out some of their songs below.

Here’s the first opening song of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 called “Day break”. Enjoy!

Here’s the second opening song of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It’s called “Ash like Snow”. Have a listen and enjoy!

There’s an active fan base

Do you know that feeling when you watch something amazing and you just want to talk about it with someone but there’s no one who you can talk to about it? It’s frustrating right? But with Mobile Suit Gundam 00, even though it’s more than a decade old, it’s still relevant. This anime is like fine wine. It’s aging very well.

Even if it’s you find a community that’s not tailored to Mobile Suit Gundam 00, sure enough there are Gundam fan groups out there. As such, I’m sure you’ll have a great time with that community after watching your first mecha. There are plenty of fan pages out there on social media like Facebook and Reddit. All you have to do is search for them.

The year now as of writing this is 2023 and Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s fan base is still very active. What that means for you if you decide to start watching this anime is that there’s a whole community of people you can have conversations with about Mobile Suit Gundam 00. You can talk about character preferences, discuss the battles, the moral implications, basically anything which I think is the best part about an active community. You get to belong to a place you like and just share and talk about the things you like.

Here’s a video of a Gundam Expo at New York last year. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

The games will be more amazing

I believe that if you watch the anime first before you decide to play any mecha game, those mecha games will be more amazing by then. Mainly because you will have developed a liking to those characters. There are a lot of mecha games available to play but Mobile Suit Gundam 00 doesn’t fall short when it comes to games as well. It also has games which are pretty fun.

What’s more is that you can play these games with the people in the mecha community. The more the merrier right? Trust me you are going to have a great time playing these games if you watch the anime first.

Here’s a video about a new online Gundam game. It’s called Gundam Evolution. It’s a game where different Gundams and Mobile Suits from different mecha anime battle each other. It’s amazing, check it out.

You might also like: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

If you’ve already seen Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and now looking for your second mecha anime, you should go for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. It’s also packed with action, it has tragedy, it also has a fair share of drama, there’s romance and also a little bit of comedy here and there. Other than the story, the only thing that significantly different with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is that Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has more episodes. It has two seasons and each season has fifty episodes.

That’s a hundred episodes in total not including the movie and the side story manga. So if you feel like an anime with a hundred episodes is easy for you to start with, by all means go for this anime. I know you’ll enjoy watching this.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe that you should start with Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It has just the right amount of everything for someone who is new to mecha. Romance for those who love a good love story, action for those looking to get pumped, politics and war, for those with a more serious and sophisticated taste. I do hope you agree with me and decide to give Mobile Suit Gundam 00 a chance but if you decide to go with another mecha anime, that’s all good to. Happy watching!

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