Why is Suzaku Kururugi Hated?

Short Answer: So Why is Suzaku Kururugi Hated? Fans hated him for his slavery mindset, which compelled him to surrender entire Japan to the Holy Britannia Empire, thinking that surrendering would save lives. However, in reality, he just wanted an escape from rebellion.

Moreover, he continued to stop other people like Lelouch from taking a stance against the Empire, earning him more hatred. Suzaku proved himself to be a selfish traitor willing to sacrifice anything as long as his conscience remained satisfied in the end.

His past with Lelouch

Suzaku met with Lelouch and Nunnally in childhood when the Emperor exiled them as political hostages, as shown in episode 1 of Code Geass R1. At first, Suzaku hated him because he considered him an arrogant prince who liked to brag about his noble lineage. He even bullied him many times to let out his hatred.

However, Suzaku begins to get along with Lelouch gradually when he finds that he despises the Empire for their massacre of innocent people. Interestingly, they became best pals, although they were like day and night initially. They didn’t get to spend much time with each other as the Holy Britannian Empire invaded Japan, and they ended up getting separated during the chaos.

His current state and friendship with Lelouch

Suzaku has played the role of antagonist for a fair part of the Code Geass series, but in the finale of the series, he finally joined hands with Lelouch to execute his final ultimate plan called Zero Requiem because he saw it as the ideal way to move the people toward a more peaceful future.

Suzaku indeed despised Lelouch’s method of doing things, but he came to terms with it, as shown in episode 21 of Code Geass R2. It is important to note that Suzaku sacrificed his life and assumed the role of Zero for the rest of his life as a part of Zero Requiem, which shows that he finally did something for others selflessly. It is safe to say that Lelouch and Suzaku did patch up for better or worse in the end despite all the ups and downs.

His beliefs

Since the start of Code Geass, Suzaku comes off as a selfish guy who likes to avoid pointless struggles and prefers being a loyal subject over anything else. He has a firm belief that rebellion only results in meaningless bloodshed, and things will go smoothly if everyone gives in to their fate rather than struggling against it.

Moreover, Suzaku is kind of stubborn when it comes to his decision as he tries to find good things in the outcome of his choices to satisfy his conscience even if the result is nothing but tragedy. Upon acting on these beliefs, Suzaku killed his father, the prime minister of Japan, because he refused to surrender to the Holy Britannian Empire even if entire Japan suffered in the end. Afterward, Suzaku tries to comfort his conscience by believing that this change is suitable for people and that he can bring change to the world by operating within this game of throne system.

His Goals

At first, Suzaku only wanted to end the meaningless warfare between Japan and the Holy Britannian Empire without ever thinking about the people’s wishes. Afterward, he decided to become an Honorary Britannian soldier to serve the empire while trying to bring change to the world from the inside. Gradually, Suzaku begins to acknowledge his wrongdoings and begins to regret his decisions as he is always in conflict with his conscience.

Unable to do anything about the past, he ends up joining hands with Lelouch to execute Zero Requiem. It is safe to say that Suzaku’s goals continue to change throughout the series; as of this moment, he has only one goal, which is to protect the peace of the world as Zero, which Lelouch left them at the cost of his life.

Why people hate him?

As we have mentioned before, Code Geass fans hate Suzaku Kururugi because he selfishly sold Japan to the Holy Britannian Empire to escape the recurring tragedies and chaos of warfare. He didn’t value the wishes of Japanese people who were ready to give their lives instead of living a life of slavery, but Suzaku preferred being a loyal enslaved person over a rebel, so he surrendered the entire Japan to the Holy Britannia Empire after murdering his father, Genbu Kururugi.

Throughout the series, Suzaku keeps claiming that end results don’t justify the unfair means, yet he allowed the deployment of FLEIJA to silence the rebels, as shown in episode 18 of Code Geass R2. Moreover, he stopped Lelouch from initiating a rebellion and even sold him to the Emperor in exchange for the position of Knight of Round 1, as shown in episode 2 of Code Geass R2. After all these heinous betrayals and actions, it is no wonder fans hate him to the core, which is legit.

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Our Final Thoughts

Suzaku Kururugi remained arrogant for the most of the Code Geass Series and betrayed his loyal friends for his selfish gains, and even attempted to kill Lelouch, who was taking a stance for himself and other people, unlike him, who had a naive belief that a world can be changed from within in a peaceful manner. It is fair to conclude that Suzaku deserves this hatred as he brought all this hate on himself by doing numerous unforgivable crimes.

It is also true that Suzaku participated in the Zero Requiem plan to redeem himself, and he did get a fair punishment for his crimes like he is bound to live the rest of his life under the guise of Zero.

If you made it this far, you are awesome! Thank you for reading!

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