Why is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Good?

Short Answer: So why is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED good? It’s good because brings a great balance of action, music, drama, and tragedy. Although the studio that made it was relatively new to the producing Gundam when it was released, the animation was great that it captured the interest of adults and children. The story also comes with interesting twists. It’s like a black and white story with a few different shades of grey thrown in the mix which adds complexity to the show and making it more interesting. Despite having fifty episodes, all of these factors added together make the anime worthy to watch.

In this article we’ll try to answer the question “Why Gundam SEED is good?” with as little spoilers as possible. So you don’t have to worry about spoilers if you haven’t watched the anime yet, this is just a positive review for the show.

The Characters

With a wide variety of characters, with each character having their own personality, the show gives a wide range of relatable characters. Characters in the show are well developed even if they are just side characters. This adds more to flavour to the show as we can bond with these characters as well.

The Friends of Kira Yamato (left to right): Kuzzey Buskirk, Sai Argyle, Tolle Koenig, and Miriallia Haw as they are being taken into custody by Marrue Ramius.

The Le Creuset Team. Side Characters include(From left to right): Dearka Elsman(Red uniform), Yzak Jule(Red uniform), Miguel Aiman(Green uniform), Rusty Mackenzie(Red uniform), Nicol Amalfi(Red uniform).

The main characters in the show are well developed as well, with adequate screen time for each of them. Kira Yamato, the main protagonist develops from his timid and passive state to a decisive and firm character. His childhood friend, Athrun Zala, also develops the same way as Kira except he did not start off as a passive and timid character.

Kira Yamato being happy go lucky with his friends in Heliopolis.

Kira Yamato being determined in order to protect his friends in the Archangel.

The main female leads, Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Athha, mirror Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala in development. Both females start of differently with Lacus Clyne being a timid and passive character while Cagalli Yula Athha is already active with regards to the war. They develop the same way as the main male leads becoming determined and decisive characters.

Lacus Clyne, in the PLANTs, not yet active in the war.

Lacus Clyne actively participating in the first Alliance – PLANT war.

Cagalli Yula Attha in disguise during the first episode of Gundam SEED.

It should be noted that although each main character is now determined and decisive, they each have their own beliefs and some of these beliefs may coincide with each other while some of them may be opposites. With the show casting a lot of beliefs through its characters, it gives the viewer the option to weigh in on which belief is right and which belief is wrong. Throughout the show, most if not all the characters develop a sense of philosophical growth.

The Plot

From the beginning of the show, the plot was clear, the Earth Alliance Naturals versus the Coordinators of the PLANTs, a war due to two kinds of humans refusing to accept each other’s existence. Although this seems like a black and white plot by having only two opposing sides, the different factions and militias in the war, as well as the independent country of Orb, gives a great twist in the show.

It makes the show more serious and interesting making the viewer watch the show more and more. Death scenes in the plot were handled very well. They were necessary for the story to move forward and although they were tragic, they enabled characters to grow.

The only part of the plot that had the least explanation was the SEED factor, an ability that some individuals in the Gundam SEED universe have acquired. Even though such an ability has very little explanation in the show, it has always been a part of major events in the story.  

The Execution

Important scenes in the story are portrayed brilliantly in the show. One good example is when the main character, Kira Yamato, fights Athrun Zala to the death, the execution of the show was perfect. During that fight the animation, the background effects, the voices, and the background music, all came together to create a tense atmosphere that was perfect for that situation.

Despite Sunrise TM being relatively new to making mecha anime during the time of the production of Gundam SEED, the execution of the animation was still great.

Another great example would be the battle of Orb, specifically during the end of the battle. The insert song in that scene, coupled with brilliant voice acting and great directing, raised the level of emotions so much that it could make viewers shout alongside the characters.

The Music

Just as Ludwig Van Beethoven once said “Music comes to me more readily than words.” we could not agree more when it comes to Gundam SEED. In some scenes of the show, all you need is the music to feel what the characters are feeling.

In any show or movie, music will always be a big factor on how good that show or movie is. Gundam SEED is a mecha anime that can flaunt its great music among other Gundam animes. Using mainly an orchestra to provide its background music, it gives the show a heightened sense of feeling and emotions.

Because of its background music, fight scenes are more intense and death scenes are more tragic and tear jerking. An insert song also plays in the show, specifically during the battle of Orb and the effect it has on the scene is magnificent.

The opening and ending songs of Gundam SEED are also great. Fans from all over the world up to this day still listen to their music. The show also features songs sung by the character Lacus Clyne. Her songs are beautiful and are still popular even today.

There is no question that Gundam SEED has great background music and utilizes it in the best way to bring out the best in the anime.

The Ending

Although it was predictable because of the plot, the execution of the ending arc was brilliant. The ending episodes started off kind of slow but momentum was used to build an ending with great action and thrill. 

An additional major plot twist was also added in the final episode. This added great interest to the viewers as well as answered many questions.

In the final episodes of Gundam SEED, new tracks were introduced as the background music, and these tracks fit the theme and atmosphere perfectly. They were upbeat and loud during fights and slow and soft during tragic times.

Each scene in the final episodes of Gundam SEED either brought tears of joy, tears of sadness, smiles, relief, joy, or answers.  

The execution of the final moments was brilliant and we recommend that if you love mecha anime, then you should really watch Gundam SEED. It is a mecha classic and you will not be disappointed.

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