What is wrong with Lady Une?

Short Answer: Lady Une suffered from a dissociative identity disorder better known as split personality disorder which caused her character to be very conflicting in the series. When watching Gundam Wing, you can honestly say she is a psychopath. You can see her easily, without guilt, directing people to kill while promoting peace and love to the colonies. Two different personalities, two opposite identities fused into one.

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Background of Lady Une

Loyal, sadistic, cruel, cold, dominant and chivalrous. Two personalities in one body. These are the words we can describe on one of the main antagonists in the anime of Gundam Wing, Lady Une. She is the antagonist that everyone dislikes but can’t help falling for her beauty and charms. One of her characteristics is shown as her being gentle, pacifistic, and graceful. However when she is Commander Une, she becomes an aggressive, and cold-hearted person.

She was the right-hand and assistant of another main villain, Treize Khushrenada. We can also see a glimpse of how much she admires and loves Treize in the anime that she would obey any of his orders without qualms. Lady Une is suffering from a dissociative identity disorder, better known as split personality disorder which causes her character to be very conflicting in the series. On one side, we have the frigid, serious, and canny identity called Colonel Une or Military Une on the other hand, we have the identity of a Peace-Loving Une or Lady Une.

Colonel Une, dawning her red OZ uniform with her hair braided and round glasses on her nose, is the personality she uses when being a soldier. She is a ruthless woman who sacrifices her subordinates and will do anything to achieve her goals.

She earned the nickname ‘Fiery Une’ which she deserves once you watch the anime. She is skilled in using guns and explosives. Despite having this kind of personality, her unyielding capabilities in commanding and strategies are quite admirable for us to see.

The most stunning difference between her two personas is when Lady Une is in her pacifistic persona, she is able to give a smile that can fool anyone who yearns for care and peace.

Then we have the attractive and charming persona of Lady Une who captures the hearts of every man. In this personality, she lets her hair down and doesn’t wear glasses.

The vast differences in their personalities throw people off. Even I as a viewer couldn’t see Colonel Une and Lady Une as the same person without any doubts. Lady Une in this series could be seen as a gentle, refined, and graceful person.

She was the ambassador of peace and was shown as a pacifist like Relena Peacecraft. It was a smart move of her because it enables her to manipulate people and make them think to be on the OZ’s side.

It wasn’t shown in the series the clear reason why she has a split personality but experiencing strong unstable emotions is part of the reason why she had this disorder. She eventually was able to merge her two personalities into one after being in a coma. Having both the military skills and the pacifistic characteristics, this became her best and most prominent personality in the later episodes.

Lady Une when she’s first introduced

Lady Une was introduced as Treize’s right-hand woman in the series. Following Treize’s order, which shows how smitten she is, assassinated Relena’s adoptive father, the Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian. She is a brutal character who also tries to kill Relena Peacecraft for being a witness to the murder.

At the beginning of the series, we can see Lady Une, or more specifically, Colonel Une showing up in the aircraft and talking to Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian where he acts kind of cold and suspicious towards her. Lady Une’s response to his rudeness, well, she only smirked. She probably thought that he was going to die anyway. “Ooh so brutal~”

Lady Une during the time she killed Vice-Minister Darlian

Colonel Une, as usual, in her glorious red uniform with a make-up kit, shows up in UESA in one of their meetings to sought peace within colonies. Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a simple make-up kit but a bomb to kill Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian and the others. After planting the bomb in its designated place, she left the building hurriedly.

While outside the building, Relena suddenly appears to give back the make-up kit to Lady Une, thinking that Commander Une might have forgotten it. Commander Une, hurriedly pick up the kit from Relena’s hands and throw it at the window where the meeting was held. And boom! Her father and the other people in the room were dead. Poor Relena didn’t know that it was a bomb and saw first-hand the murder of his father. The scene was quite funny for me and ironic, but then you can’t help but feel sad at the same time.

However, as we may all know, if there’s a witness to the murder, that witness must die. We can all guess what happens next, we see Lady Une trying to kill Relena but luckily for our main
female protagonist she always gets saved. Though that doesn’t stop Commander Une at all.

Lady Une when she starts talking peace with the space colonies

Now introducing the gentle and pacifistic Lady Une. In this persona she charismatically promised the people of the colonies peace. Her words spoke to their desire to stop the blood shed.

When OZ started to single handedly dominate space, she became a diplomat of OZ to the colonies who were debating whether they should accept the proposal or not. Lady Une was shown as a graceful and beautiful woman who advocates peace that captures the heart of the citizen.

Lady Une before being shot

Lady Une soon realizes that she has a multiple personality disorder which made her emotions become more unstable and has greatly affected her actions in doing her tasks. While trying to control and calm her emotions, she was suddenly ambushed by Tubarov.

She saw the enemies cutting off the air supply to the remaining pilots and tried to save them but got shot in the process by Tubarov. You see! She still has kindness inside of her. Going back, because of the shot, she falls into a coma and missed the death of Tubarov, as well as Treize’s confession to her.

I bet while she was in a coma, she heard Treize’s love confession and she’ll be like “Nooo, my love just confessed to me but I’m here UNCONCIOUS and not being able to savour this blessed moment!!!”.

Well, I mean she is so in love with Treize, she will probably be very mad knowing she missed his first-ever confession to her. Don’t you think so?

Lady Une when comes to rescue Treize after she wakes up from her coma

Ah, the so-called tingling feeling when something happens to your beloved. Feeling that something might happen to Treize, she woke up from her coma and learned that Treize was gone fighting off Zechs. During her recuperation, her two personalities fuse into one. This new persona contains all the good qualities of both persona which produces into a new and cool Une.

A personality who is peaceful, anti-violent, and military skilled. I wished I had those qualities; I really envy her. A now cured and healthy Une stole Heero’s abandoned Gundam Wing and ventured off to save Treize. Just arriving on time, she was able to rescue Treize from being shot and then had a moment with him. This is one of my favorite scenes, her love finally reciprocated. Well, in the eyes of the viewers. It was not known if she was fully aware of Treize’s love for her, but I bet she did.

One of the reasons why I like Une is because she was able to overcome herself and fuse her two personalities. Not only was she loyal but she was also true to her love in both of her personalities. Now that she is a new Une, who has gained both the good qualities of her two
personalities, this made her even more likable to the viewers. But through her help, they were able to stop the war and achieve pacifism in their country.

Interesting Fact:

Did you know that multiple personality disorder is widely known as DID or Dissociative Personality Disorder and is more likely diagnosed in women than in men? Patients that suffer from DID have often had a violent and traumatizing past. Here’s a list of symptoms found in patients that has DID:

• Nightmares
• Flashbacks
• Hallucinations
• Strong impulses or emotions
• Sense of detachment
• Headaches
• No sense of self-identity
• Frequent memory gaps

I hope that everyone treats them well!

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