Top Ten Plot Twists in Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny

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When it comes to good shows, we often look for good plot twists. Sometimes when we watch a movie or a show that is so captivating that we are just brought along for the ride and then out of nowhere a plot twist hits us.

Such plot twists can either be good or bad and that really depends on the taste of the person watching the show, but when it is in fact a good plot twist, it boosts the level of quality of the show or movie to a whole new level.

Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, being great shows, also have plot twists of their own. Here are some of the greatest plot twists from Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny that have shocked its readers and viewers by being so random or unpredictable.

Warning, major spoilers are in this article. So be sure to watch the show before reading this.

10. Cagalli Yula Athha is actually the Princess of the Nation of Orb

Cagalli Yula Athha (Character) - Giant Bomb
Cagalli in her Orb uniform.

In the beginning of Gundam SEED, Cagalli is seen as the mysterious cloaked girl in the office or lab of Kira Yamato and his friends’ professor. During the attack of ZAFT in Heliopolis, upon seeing the G-weapons, she says out loud “Father I knew you betrayed us all!” which is a hint to who she actually is.

Later on in the show, we see her again as a guerrilla fighter in the desert fighting against ZAFT forces. Up to this point, there is not much significance to her character other than being another character that is fighting to protect those important to her.

Her reveal of her identity came when the Archangel was being ambushed by the Le Creuset team when both were just outside of Orb territory. Being onboard the Archangel at that time, Cagalli instructed the captain of the Archangel to move the ship into Orb territory while also identifying herself as the daughter of the chief representative of Orb, Uzumi Nara Athha.

9. Rau Le Creuset is actually a clone of Al De Flaga, Mu La Flaga’s father

Rau Le Creuset | Wiki | Anime Amino
Rau Le Creuset when he led Kira and Mu in the mental colony.

Throughout the entirety of Gundam SEED, Mu La Flaga and Rau Le Creuset have always shared a connection between them that allows both of them to know when they are close to one another. This connection was never fully explained in the show however in the last arc of Gundam SEED, Rau leads Kira Yamato and Mu La Flaga into colony number four, also known as the mental colony.

Here we learn secret behind the mask of Rau Le Creuset and why he always wears it. We learn in the scene of the mental colony that Al Da Flaga, Mu La Flaga’s father, was not pleased with his son and as such decided to clone himself and in turn treat his clone as his new son. That new son was the clone we know as Rau Le Creuset.

It explains a little why both of them share the connection that they do and it also explains the phrase that Rau said to Mu when they were fighting “How could the child ever hope to defeat the parent?”

8. Athrun betrays ZAFT and sides with the Archangel and Orb

Athrun Zala | Gundam Aeon Wiki | Fandom
Athrun Zala in his ZAFT uniform.

Since the beginning of Gundam SEED, Kira and Athrun have been on opposite sides of the war. Although in the beginning Kira Yamato was a not a soldier and was a civilian of the neutral nation of Orb, he was still piloting the Strike and using it to defend the Archangel against Athrun Zala and his teammates.

In the middle part of Gundam SEED, Kira Yamato, out of self-defense, unintentionally kills one of Athrun Zala’s teammates, Nicol Amalfi. This greatly angered Athrun Zala leading to his statement “I’ve got no choice Kira, the next time we meet, one of us will die.”

During his fight with Kira, Athrun also manages to kill one of Kira’s close friends, Tolle Koenig. This made Kira furious and both Athrun and Kira entered into a fight with both having the intention to kill the other.

In the following episodes however, When Athrun realizes that Kira is alive and well, he meets with him in Orb and decides to talk with him. In that same episode or chapter, as Kira is defending Orb from the Earth Forces, Athrun decides to join Kira and help him against his fight with the Earth Forces.

7. Cagalli uses the SEED

SEED factor | The Gundam Wiki | Fandom
Cagalli Yula Athha in SEED mode.

In Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, we see many characters using the SEED. However, most, if not all of these characters are Coordinators. So for a time, it was thought that only Coordinators were the only ones who could use the SEED. The theory goes that the SEED is an evolutionary progression of Humans.

Since Coordinators are more developed than the Naturals, it would make sense that Coordinators are far more likely to activate the SEED than Naturals are.

In the last arc of Gundam SEED, we see two female soldiers of Orb die in battle. This causes a great surge of emotion in Cagalli which in turn causes her to activate the SEED which also tells us that either Cagalli is actually a Coordinator or that Naturals can actually activate the SEED.

6. Kira is the ultimate coordinator

Kira Yamato [Mobile Suit Gundam Seed] : cuteanimeboys
Kira Yamato.

In Gundam SEED, Kira Yamato has always managed to best his opponents. Whether in whatever terrain he was put in, Kira Yamato was always able to find a way to adjust and beat his enemies. Such feats are considered astounding even for Coordinators.

During the first time the Strike was operated by Kira Yamato, it was not even fully operational as its operating system was not finished. Kira, being the ultimate Coordinator, was able to fend off ZAFT mobile suits while finishing the operating system of the strike.

He was also able to fend of the Le Creuset team which consists of four red coat Mobile Suits pilots. It should be noted that the Le Creuset team is considered an elite team in ZAFT and that they were being defeated by an Orb civilian with no military training whatsoever.

As such, it was always a mystery why Kira Yamato, someone who had no military training, was such an excellent Mobile Suit pilot.

The answer was later revealed when Rau Le Creuset led Kira Yamato and Mu La Flaga inside the mental colony. There we learned that Kira Yamato is actually Kira Hibiki and is in fact the greatest biological invention of humanity, the ultimate Coordinator.

5. Neo Roanoke is actually Mu La Flaga

Mu La Flaga | The Gundam Wiki | Fandom
Neo Roanoke in his uniform.

In Gundam SEED Destiny, we are introduced with another masked character that, like Rau Le Creuset, is very skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to warfare. Neo Roanoke was introduced during the beginning of Gundam SEED Destiny, and up until Kira Yamato took down his Mobile Suit, his true identity was never to be expected. 

As it turns out, Neo Roanoke is Mu La Flaga biologically however he himself claims that he is not. This alone was enough to shock the viewers with the hope of one of their beloved characters having survived his fate during the first Alliance – PLANT war but Neo Roanoke keeps insisting that he is not Mu La Flaga.

This only means that his memory has been tampered with.  Neo Roanoke even shares a trait with Mu La Flaga and that trait is that he can sense a certain enemy when they are near.

Only when Neo Roanoke experienced what Mu La Flaga experienced during the first Alliance – PLANT war, only when he shielded the bridge of the Archangel with his Mobile Suit was Neo Roanoke able to regain his memories and remember that he is in fact Mu La Flaga.

Mu then open a communications channel with the Archangel to tell captain Murrue Ramius that he is coming home and he never going to leave again.

4. Rey Za Burrel is a clone of Al Da Flaga

8 Girlish Gundam Pilots | HubPages
Rey Za Burrel in his Battle Suit.

Rey Za Burrel plays the mysterious and serious side character during Gundam SEED Destiny. He is a member of the Mobile Suit team of the Minerva and is a red coat Mobile Suit pilot of ZAFT. In Gundam SEED Destiny, we can see that Rey possesses skills that are above the average Coordinator.

Scenes where we can see the best of his abilities are his fights with the Freedom. The fact that he was able to keep up with Kira’s fast attacks and mobility was a great feat in itself. All of this is nothing out of the for a Coordinator like him though as we can see  that he is a very disciplined character and he puts hours into training in order to hone his skills even more.

The twist in his story starts when we see him having a very familiar trait that we have seen with Mu La Flaga, Rau Le Creuset, and Neo Roanoke. Just like the characters that have been mentioned, Rey Za Burrel also has the ability to sense when a certain enemy, namely Neo Roanoke, is nearby.

The greatest unfolding of his plot happens during his final battle with Kira Yamato when he reveals that, just like Rau Le Creuset, he is also a clone of Al Da Flaga. However, even though he is a clone of Al Da Flaga, Rey identifies himself as Rau Le Creuset to the point where he even acts like Rau Le Creuset.

3. A Second Lacus Clyne

Meer Campbell posing as Lacus Clyne with Chairman Durandal, Athrun Zala, and Shinn Asuka.

During the second Alliance – PLANT war, PLANT Supreme Chairman Gilbert Durandal revealed to the PLANTs and to the people of Earth a fake Lacus Clyne at his side. Athrun Zala, who was a soldier of ZAFT at that point in time, notices the fake Lacus Clyne and shoots the Chairman with a confused look. The Chairman simply tells him that her influence is far greater than his and that is something that he needs during this war.

He uses the fake Lacus Clyne to calm the citizens of Earth and the PLANTs while all the while bettering his name. We can see that the influence of the name of Lacus Clyne is massive as even one of the main characters of Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka, is swayed momentarily into confusion when it is revealed to the world and to the PLANTs that there are in fact two Lacus Clynes.

Only when Rey Za Burrel tells Shinn Asuka that it doesn’t matter which Lacus Clyne is real or fake. He continues to tell Shinn Asuka that what is important is that they continue to believe in Chairman Durandal.

The common people of Earth and the common people of the PLANTS however were thrown into disarray. With two Lacus Clynes that have opposing beliefs the people were confused on whose words to believe. Only when figure heads or leaders stepping up telling them what to believe in were they united once again.

2. The Freedom Defeated

Nightmare | The Gundam Wiki | Fandom
The iconic scene where Shinn defeats the unstoppable Freedom.

The Freedom during its reveal in Gundam SEED has never been shy of the word powerful. During the first Alliance – PLANT war, the Freedom was probably one of the strongest and fastest machines only to be rivaled by the Justice and the Providence.

As such, it was no surprise that the Freedom always defeated any Mobile Suit that it was faced with. Just like the Justice and the Providence, the Freedom is one of the rare Mobile Suits that are powered with a nuclear reactor instead of compact batteries.

Being powered by a nuclear reactor, the Freedom had at least four times more power than the Strike. Having this much power as well as being piloted by the ultimate Coordinator, the Freedom was seen as the ultimate machine however in Gundam SEED Destiny, the Freedom was taken down by the Impulse piloted by Shinn Asuka.

Shinn Asuka was able to defeat the Freedom by combining his excellent Mobile Suit piloting skills with Rey Za Burrel’s excellent battle plan against the Freedom. They exploited the weakness of the Freedom’s pilot where he never aims for the cockpit of his enemy.

It should be noted that the Impulse is not a nuclear powered Mobile Suit. It is a second series generation Mobile Suit of ZAFT with state of technology, but when it comes to power, it was not able to compare to the power of the Freedom.

Seeing the Freedom being defeated was the only time that Kira Yamato was one of the rare times Kira Yamato was in any real danger during a Mobile Suit fight, the other time was with his fight with Athrun Zala in Gundam SEED.

1. The Destiny Plan

駄文とか駄文とか駄文とか ☆PHASE-39 「天空のキラ」
Information stolen from ZAFT that hint about the Destiny Plan.

At the ending arc of Gundam SEED Destiny, PLANT Supreme Chaiman Gilbert Durandal reveals his master plan for the future of humanity. The Destiny plan was intended to look into the genetic makeup of each individual and using the information they got from that, they could determine what role in society would be best for that individual.

As such, Durandal thought no more conflict would be born again and the embers of the previous war would eventually die out.

However, this would mean that every human being would give up their freedom in order for peace to be achieved. Kira Yamato, the Orb Union and the Clyne faction did not agree with this plan.

In the end, Chairman Durandal never got to go through with the Destiny plan as he is killed during the final battle.

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