The Witch From Mercury: Do the Fans Love It?

Does the mecha community love it?

The impact of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury anime on the community has been well received. A lot of fans love Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. Seven years after the last Gundam series, the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury makes its mark in the world and was surprisingly well received by the viewers and fans of the Gundam series.Its influence reached into the internet, creating memes and even releasing its own Gunpla model kits which garnered a lot of attention.

There is not anybody brought into the world after 1980 who has barely known Gundam. It is one of the most outstanding Japanese mainstream that redefined the giant humanoid robot industry. The robot designs were very detailed and sleek, and the anime’s anti-violence message sounded true to the Japanese public.

Gundam presented a world where multitudes of mechas battled each other, and individuals struggles amid war and destruction. You will witness an epic-scale battle between a huge number of adversaries, and get immersed in some political drama and social discourse. Gundam has evolved after over 40 years yet it keeps up with its status as the ruler of mecha franchises. What is more, merchandise deals! We are talking about tons and tons of model sales. It only proves how greatly successful Gundam’s shows and films were. With all these actions and success, will this not hook you? Because it did for me.

What makes a great Gundam anime?

Gundam in general is amazing but a great Gundam anime should have a great plot, characters, robots, and battle scenes. A plot with a lot of sudden twists, shocking factors, elaborate schemes, and political dramas.

Gundam was the first mecha anime where the story was more centered around wartime situations and the first to present war-based mecha designs that were practical and military-like. With the combination of all these, who can deny its greatness? And so far, almost all Gundam animes have proven that they can deliver.

Let’s check out some great Gundam anime for reference

A few Gundam series have been made beyond 40 years. Furthermore, I know how hard to choose the best series to binge on so I have gathered a list of the best Gundam shows you can watch. This guide is to assist you with saving time and point you on the right path. It consists of my suggestions for fans who need to see what all the Gundam excitement is about.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

Gundam Seed rose to popularity because of its alluring characters, great art style, and magnificent music that leaves a long-lasting effect on viewers. Seed at first glance looks like your classic Mobile Suit Gundam series yet after the second half of the series, it deviates to a new story to finish up which you can not help but get smitten too.

The plot spins around the fights between a new type of humans called Coordinators which are more intelligent and stronger, and the earth dwellers called Naturals. Continuous standoffs make severe hostility between the two groups, prompting more fierce battles later in the series.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

The Wing is the first anime series in the Gundam franchise that was exposed in the US and it became a big hit. Although the plot is not that outstanding it makes up for its straightforwardness. It has less filler and more action-filled battles which make it easier for viewers to absorb and digest.

They were able to pull off making each of the Mobile Suits stand out, having each with a unique design. Even though it has a slow pacing and a sketchy storyline, its themes of defiance against a tainted government and its young, attractive characters were a hit to the viewers, especially in western countries.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Iron-Blooded Orphans is one of the darkest-themed series in the Gundam franchise. Throughout the series, it manages to portray heavier topics like slavery, child fighters, and neocolonialism. Several hundred years after the Calamity War that nearly wiped out all the colonies in the Earth sphere, humanity ended up colonizing Mars. Even so, numerous Martian countries live in destitution and helplessly rely upon the Earth’s resources. Poverty and violence have been regular allies for the show’s cast and it is through savagery that they decide to cut out a place for themselves in this brutal reality. Until the stranded Mikazuki Augus enters the conflict piloting an old reestablished Gundam and saving them.

With a smooth stream of action-filled battles and well-developed characters, the show is set in a course of the epic plotline. It follows the exemplary plot of good against evil. On top of remarkable mecha fights and an extraordinary plot, the content covers a wide array of feelings-from misery to exhilarating actions.

How does TWFM stack up?

Unlike the other Gundam animes which are mainly geared towards men, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury has a female as its main protagonist for a change. It was more set in the school, and no faction war was included.

A few of the fans thought a school setting would mean a carefree slice of life environment, however, they failed to remember what franchise they were watching. As much as I want to say it is a chill anime, it is not. It has a lot of gruesome and gore moments, especially the effects of the GUND Format on humans. Though it is different from the usual Gundam series, it does not fail from all the battles, art styles, and plot twists. It still competes with the other Gundam animes.

Picture this: School life X Gundam

When watching Witch From Mercury, you can not help but ask yourself what school life looks like surrounded by Gundams. A typical school setting usually focuses on characters’ interactions like confessions, bullying, and other student slice-of-life settings. However, Witch from the Mercury slaps you on a different level by adding Mecha battles to your young and innocent school life.

The class always gets interrupted by duels and it makes you wonder if they even learn any real-life lessons. Although they have pilot divisions, engineering divisions, and tactical divisions, the main purpose of the school is to have battles that may affect political standings. Imagine studying where your life is always on the line, it’s very intimidating. Despite that, seeing some mechas in action which can make your campus life enjoyable and exciting.

Is it worth watching?

Fact that the franchise was launched by Sunrise Company, it is well expected that they will deliver a great Gundam anime and they did. Brutality and disorder consume the “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury,” particularly in the twelfth episode. It spreads out its characters and clashes well ahead of time. It urges the crowd to think, “Would it not be screwed up if this happens?” it does those things and lures the crowd’s response as fuel for the next big event.

The series is full of anime drama, mixed with some scorching catastrophic punch. The show controls its crowd similar to how Lady Prospera controls Suletta. Some might find this approach oppressive, however, I thought this show dominates. So, was it worth watching? Well, heck yeah! 😀

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With regards to mecha anime, we have seen practically a wide range of animation styles which leads to all mecha fans having a high expectations in regard to animation. Darling in the Franxx is no exception to this, it has fantastic animation from character design to world-building. Darling in the Franxx highlights animation that satisfies your eyes with its splendid and strikingly bright animation. All through the anime, you will be seeing bright scenes to a great extent since this anime has some slice-of-life scenes. These splendid and beautiful scenes gave the audience a psychological break from the dark and desolate serious scenes that are also in Darling in the Franxx. If you enjoy great animation then I urge you to watch Darling in the Franxx.

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Our Final Thoughts:

The Witch from Mercury is one of the hands-down best franchise shows created. Presumably, the easiest Gundam to recommend to any new timer to a giant mecha anime. It’s insightful, has great battle fights, and it is not the same as the standard military show however it has a great pacing of the story. Regardless of some cliche moments, the characters are getting great improvement no matter how you look at it. Though the series’ plot is somewhat slow since we are still in the first half of the season, it was still good and it made you want to look forward to the next second half.

Before I wrap this up, I would like to share my favorite quote from this show:

“People can’t help being afraid of the unknown. And they try to keep that fear at a distance…”

Prospera Mercury

Thank you for reading!

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