Is Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the best Gundam anime?

Short Answer: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is the best Gundam anime of its time and here are a few reasons why. Compared to other Gundam anime of its time, Gundam 00 noticeably has better animation and its story isn’t as predictable as the other gundam anime. The fight scenes in gundam 00 are also very amazing thanks to the better animation quality of the anime.

Hi! I’m Demby and I’ve been a huge mecha fan for as long as I can remember. In fact, it was a Gundam anime that was actually my first anime. It was Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. However, even though that anime is dear and special to me, I still can’t place it above Mobile Suit Gundam 00. This anime is just on another level. Now, if I got you interested in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, let me tell you more about why it’s the best Gundam anime of its time. Let’s go!

The Animation is just better

Crisp. That’s a word I can say about the quality of animation this anime has compared to other gundam anime. It’s superb! The colors are vivid and the animation is so clear and clean! It’s the kind of art that makes you want to see more.

Just take a look at this art and you’ll see what I mean!

Mobile Suit cockpits now look more futuristic.
This may the first time that a mobile suit is using what looks like zapper gun in combat.
Pilots have their own color scheme helping viewers remember them
The spaceship of the private armed group: Celestial Being.

The battle scenes are excellent as well! The frames used in making the fast paced action of battles is enough to make the battles look really smooth. This anime must have had a really good budget. Oh! And here’s something you’ll also appreciate! This anime doesn’t recycle its battle scenes. You will always get new battle scenes in every battle.

A Story that keeps getting better

Since you’re here, you are probably a fan of Gundam anime and it could be that you haven’t seen Mobile Suit Gundam 00 yet. So in that case, I’m going to try my best to not spoil you guys while telling a little about what Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is about. I’ll just show you how Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s story differs from other Gundam anime. For starters it’s not one army versus another. It’s not the usual, Earth versus Space colonies war. In fact in this Gundam anime, humans can’t live in space yet like they do in other Gundam anime.

There are space stations in this anime but people don’t really live there cause in this anime, it takes into account the harsh environment of space and what it does to the human body. That’s a pretty neat twist if you ask me. Another thing that’s unique about this anime is that it centers on a private armed group, in possession of the Gundams, which wage war on the entire world with the goal of eradicating war for good. I know, their actions are contradicting their goal.

However, they are acting like the world police in a sense. They are the guys with the big guns that threaten anyone who starts a fight. You might think that’s kind of unfair or that it’s not very wise to use force to achieve world peace but that’s where the meat of the story lies. Can this private group eradicate war? How does the world react to them and their armed interventions? If you want to find out, you should definitely watch Mobile Suit Gundam 00. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Music that makes you feel the moment

All I can say is that the sounds and music of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 elevate the emotions felt by the viewer when watching those epic battle scenes, dramatic scenes, sad scenes and more. As I watched Gundam 00, those sounds and music pieces conditioned my mind on how to feel when I heard them. It’s probably true for you as well. If you’re a gamer, think of “boss music” or “battle music”. When we hear that, our senses heighten and we feel a rush of adrenaline course through our veins! I felt the same way when I watched Gundam 00! When I heard their battle OST, I just thought “Oh yeah! This is gonna be good!”.

But yeah, to make this long story short, this anime has pretty banging music. The opening songs and ending songs are no exception to this as well, I usually skip anime intros cause I’m impatient like that but these songs are too good for me that I find myself watching the intro every single time. That’s how good they are.

Here’s a link to the second intro! The 1st opening is also good but I prefer this one. It’s a banger and the animation is stellar! Check it out!

Here are some of the ending songs as well that are pretty good

The 2nd ending song of season 1.
This is the 4th ending song of the anime.

The character growth is amazing

In any anime or movie or TV show or book, character building is always important. It’s like the engine of the story. Nobody wants to read or watch a story where the characters don’t change at all throughout the story. It’ll be bland and boring because nothing changes. With Mobile Suit Gundam 00 however, that is not the case. In fact it’s so far from the case. In this anime, the characters have great development. Each character in this anime that takes part in the fighting has their own reason to fight that’s besides their common hatred for war.

They were all drawn into war because of their past or what entails them in the present. Either way, it’s part of what makes this anime such a great one. We may never be able to relate to the characters when it comes to being a mobile suit pilot but these characters do possess personalities that we can relate to and it’s such a privilege for us to see these characters grow.

The Mobile Suits

Much like other Gundam anime, the Gundams here also take on specific roles. There are some for close combat, some for close to mid-range combat, some for long range fighting, and some for sheer raw power. You can think of them as being similar to the Mobile Suits of Gundam Wing but more technologically advanced and on steroids. Although the Gundams in Gundam Wing were overpowered, they could still be pinned down by normal Mobile Suits if there were enough of them. In Gundam 00, the Gundams can also be pinned down by normal Mobile Suits but their abilities, especially when they work together to complement each other, allow them to defeat a huge number of enemies.

If that’s not enough to convince you of their awesomeness, here’s a little teaser. The Gundams on this anime aren’t using nuclear power or batteries, or any electrical or chemical device to power themselves. They are using a new kind of device that powers the Mobile Suit, allows them to fight and allows them to fly. They can even fly without a propulsion system. Pretty interesting right?

But like I said… these Gundams look cool and are overpowered so they are so pleasing to watch. However, don’t let that idea fool you into thinking that this anime will be bland and boring because the Gundams are overpowered. This anime has its way to spice things up and balance the fight.

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Our Final Thoughts

I have to say it’s a pretty solid argument that Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is the best Gundam of its time. From its animation to its character design and growth, to its sounds and music, they are all great. Each episode leaves you wanting more. You won’t regret watching this anime and what’s more, there’s a movie for this anime but that’s a topic for another article. I hope this answered your question and was helpful for you guys.

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