Is Heero Yuy a Newtype?

Short Answer: Heero Yuy is a Newtype based on the clues in Gundam Wing and is proved in the Gundam Newtype Wars. He was the younger brother of Villain Yorn who was a Newtype Royal. Skilled in combats, having high intelligence and mental capacity, extreme control of his own body, and having the ability in controlling the ZERO System, Heero Yuy is considered as one of the most powerful Newtypes in the Gundam Series.

Heero Yuy Background

Welcome, one and all, to the life of our beloved protagonist of Gundam Wing anime, Heero Yuy. The pilot of XXXG01W Wing Gundam, Heero, was considered the strongest and deadliest Gundam pilot ever trained. Skilled in combat, piloting, hacking, and having the killer instincts of an assassin and a soldier, he leaves everyone with their jaws dropped in awe. This was only made possible by Doctor J who genetically modified his genes.

Heero Yuy was a no-name boy when he was a kid. He was raised by an assassin called Odin Lowe who taught him the skills to survive. He later carried the name “Heero Yuy” who was a pacifist politician that was killed by his adoptive father.

In this series, Heero Yuy always shows a cold and indifferent personality but despite this, Doctor J confirmed that he was a kind-hearted and sweet child hiding behind his serious and calm persona. It was later revealed that Heero Yuy considers emotions as an obstacle during battles. However, he still saves the people he cares for and loves to the point of even sacrificing himself.

New Type Background

‘Newtype’ is a person that has ascended to a new stage of human evolution. The idea behind this transformation is when a person’s mind has elevated spatial awareness as a result of adapting to living life in space. This made the human body go through transfiguration and gain special abilities a normal person shouldn’t have.

Majority of the Newtype gains a very high mental or spatial awareness or as what we mostly call the sixth sense. Some are even capable to have telekinetic powers or mind-related abilities. They can easily detect other Newtypes and sense if someone has hostile intentions and schemes towards them.

This hypothesis was originally proposed by Zeon Zum Deikun and was said that for people to adapt their life in space, the human body will have to undergo evolution and develop heightened mental awareness. That is why ‘Newtypes’ were mostly seen appearing amongst the humans that are living in space called Spacenoids.

Throughout the series, we can see the conflicts created between the normal people who are referred to as ‘Oldtypes’ against the ‘Newtypes’, tagging the ‘Newtypes’ as freaks or supersoldiers. Battles and wars happened between the two because of fear and discrimination.

Heero fights and feats that make his seem to be a New Type

Though ‘Newtypes’ is not introduced in the Gundam Wing series, there are fights and feats Heero Yuy did that would make you think that he is a ‘Newtype’.

Here are some of those examples…

In the series, Heero Yuy was able to use and withstand the mental toll of the ZERO System. Controlling the system requires high willpower and intelligence from the user. Others would already be brain fried the moment they use it.

Another of Heero’s strengths and skills is being titled the perfect soldier as he is skilled in almost everything such as marksmanship, weapons and hand to hand combat, piloting, strategy, and even hacking skills. I think one of the reasons why he was able to do these was because of his modified genes and high mental awareness. He was also able to sense danger which helped him avoid it. Quite a remarkable feat for someone so young, wouldn’t you say?

This one made me rethink if Heero is human, his body has evolved to a stronger, sturdier, and better one. Heero tried to kill himself multiple times, got shot multiple times, fell from a 50th-floor of a military hospital, slammed hard against the cliffside, and then ended up SURVIVING IT ALL?!! Excuse me, that is inhumanely insane!!! You must be superman to be able to live through all of that. So, heck yeah, he is a Newtype!!!

Finally, there are his fights in Gundam Wing especially the fight against Zechs. I have nothing to say except how ZERO is so overpowered that Heero was able to defeat his enemies with no troubles at all. It was dramatic I say but seeing Heero defeating Zechs without sweat is exhilarating. I then thought that without Heero’s heightened mental capacities, he won’t be able to control the Zero system with ease.

Achievements of New Types in other Gundam Anime

Moving forward, I will share with you another set of characters from different universes and timelines of Mobile Suit Gundam that has shown great achievements throughout their series.

Amuro Ray – the main hero of Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, is the most famous Newtype in the Gundam Universe. He is also the pilot of the powerful RX-78-2 Gundam. He was the hero of the One Year War which is the first great Mobile Suit war. Amuro was the key figure who led the defeat of Titans and one of the people who got rid of the discrimination towards Newtypes. He also helped in preventing Neon Zeon from colliding Axis asteroid to Earth.

Uso Ewin – the youngest pilot and the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. A boy who fights back when pushed in a corner and protects those who are weak. He pilots both the LM312V04 Victory Gundam and its successor the LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam. He was the one who made a big impact on League Militaire and fended off against Zanscare Empire.

Kamille Bidan – the protagonist of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and one of the strongest Newtypes in the Gundam series. He is the pilot of the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. He was able to contact and communicate with the other characters telepathically and was also able to sense their status. He defended the colonies from the Titans and Axis Zeon and was also one of the Newtypes who helped defeat the Titans.

Judau Ashta – the main protagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. He pilots the ZZ Gundam. He can telepathically communicate with his sister, predict the moves of his enemy, boost the power of ZZ Gundam and create barriers. He fought against Neo Zeon’s invasion and put an end to the war.

Banagher Links – is the main hero of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and the pilot of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. He was able to sense danger and was able to telepathically communicate with others. He was also able to stop the Full Frontal and destroy Neo Zeon.

Jona Basta – he is the pilot of the RX-9 Narrative Gundam and the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. He was a 25-year-old Ensign in the Earth Federation and was heavily implied that he was a Newtype. He was able to help prevent the misuse of psycho-frame technology.

Seabook Arno – another Newtype who is the protagonist of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam F91, piloted the F91. He was able to stop Jupiter Empire from invading the earth and stop its revival. He was able to help end wars and conflicts during his time.

Arlette Almage – a female character who appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis. She is a talented woman who works in machinery and weapons. She was able to help her friends and teams fight against wars by providing artillery and weapons. She then joined the Federation Forces Special Forces.

Interesting Fact

There are people called Innovators and Coordinators and just like Newtypes, they have heightened mental awareness.

Coordinators, however, are more on the physical rather than the mental. They exist in the Cosmic Era timeline of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. They are genetically enhanced human beings and as such acquired abilities such as being able to learn faster, having stronger bodies, and can be virtually immune to diseases. The first Coordinator was a highly respected man called George Glenn. Later on in the series, more and more coordinators were genetically engineered but some people were born natural, which were called the ‘Naturals’.

As for Innovators, they appeared in the series Gundam 00, and just like Newtypes, they can communicate with others through quantum brainwaves. They were generally called Genuine or True Innovators. They evolved naturally from exposure to concentrated high-grade GN Particles. Setsuna F. Seiei is an example of an Innovator and he is the main protagonist of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Our Final Thoughts

The fights and abilities shown by Heero Yuy in the Gundam Wing Series, proves that he is a Newtype. Not only is he able to control the Zero system by being mentally strong, but having also a very fast learning ability, high survival rate, and winning battles increases the proof of him being a Newtype. It is also confirmed in the Gundam Newtype Wars that Heero Yuy is a strong Newtype.

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