Is Darling in the Franxx Depressing?

Short Answer: Darling in the Franxx may seem to be an ordinary mecha anime without any elements of depression, but it is quite the opposite as countless fans of Darling in the Franxx find themselves in depression after the finale of the series as the overwhelming reality that their beloved characters Hiro and Zero Two are no longer alive hit them hard. Moreover, the series changed the very perception of the audience in a way that everything related to Darling in the Franxx made them sad while provoking them to question life itself.

Although Darling in the Franxx turned out to be depressing in the end, people still don’t regret watching it as it indeed taught them a new way to live even when the whole world is drifting towards chaos. With that said, Let’s explore the depressing themes of Darling in the Franxx to conclude whether it is really depressing or just melodramatic.

The Truth about Papa and the Children

Darling in the Franxx portrays the character of Papa as a God of adults and children. He works as a supreme ruler. All matters are decided through his will as he claims to be the protector and well-wisher of humanity and Earth, but eventually, the children discover the tragic truth behind Papa’s existence and how he is the leader of an alien race called VIRM who plans to suck the life force from all humans while propelling the earth towards destruction. This whole scenario turns out to be bleak as children literally worshiped Papa and thought of him as their protector but in the end, he cast them aside like disposables without thinking about their feelings one bit.

“The birdcage is still here. And so are we. The people we were supposed to protect aren’t there anymore and our wings are still being repaired, but we believe that the ten of us will all be able to fly again soon. Until then, we’ll make it through on our own.”

Futoshi after Squad 13 is left to fend for themselves

On the other hand, the startling reality that adults thought of children as mere disposables did not sit well with the audience. Moreover, the children were shocked to the core when they learned the tragic truth behind their fragile existence. But it’s understandable as anyone would find themselves in shock if found out they had spent their entire lives believing in someone they looked up to only to find that they weren’t even important for that someone. What cruel fate that would be.

Zero Two’s Secret

Darling in the Franxx’s first episode gave off the impression that Zero Two’s character had dark secrets, and with each succeeding episode, we continue to learn more about her. However, the show’s creators caught us off guard with a painful secret about her life. The audience was troubled by Zero Two’s obsession with killing Klaxosaurs because she would sometimes go insane to do so. Even when she had no partner, she went to fight Klaxosaurs alone.

“I set up the boy who was the sole reason I wanted to be human and tried to make him the same kind of monster as me, so this is my punishment”

Zero Two after being called monster by Hiro

Dr. Franxx created Zero Two as the clone of Klaxosaur Princess, that’s why she had red skin and horns in her childhood, but after falling in love with Hiro, she decided to become human so that she could get together with her beloved darling. She even developed a human-like appearance as she doesn’t want anyone to see her in monster form. The adults used this chance and brainwashed her into believing that killing Klaxosaurs could turn her into a human, and from that day onward, Zero Two continued to kill Klaxosaurs to become human, but eventually, she discovered the shocking truth that it was all a lie. Moreover, Zero Two unknowingly deceived Hiro, who turned out to be her darling from the past, and as a result, she fell into despair, as shown in episode 14 of Darling in the Franxx.

Darling in the Franxx Ending

The first half of Darling in the Franxx unveiled certain tragedies like the truth behind the existence of children. Still, in the second half, the series started going towards a positive route, and the audience expected Darling in the Franxx finale to be full of auspicious events. However, the main characters, Zero Two and Hiro, died in the final clash against VIRM as they blew the home planet of VIRM with Klaxosaur Bomb but got caught in the explosion as well. This sudden turn of events drove the audience into sadness as they envisioned a happy married life of Zero Two and Hiro back on earth, but the reality was quite harsh.

“Zero Two…we’re becoming one. Now you are me… We’re probably going to disappear soon but the path we walked on, others will take it from here… I love you, Zero two”

Hiro’s last words, to Zero Two before his death

Moreover, the fact that all other characters like Ichigo and Goro found happiness and decided to live on to follow the path that Zero Two and Hiro left behind is just more depressing. However, the creators didn’t completely abandon hope in the audience as they featured that Zero Two and Hiro’s souls will remain alive and one day they will be reincarnated on earth, as shown in episode 24 of Darling in the Franxx. Given all of this, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Darling in the Franxx finale left us with bittersweet feelings, but the audience made peace with it as it is the only way to appreciate the series for its storyline and memorable characters.

Is Darling in the Franxx worth watching?

It is a fact that people experienced depression after the finale of Darling in the Franxx, but they also acknowledge the positive aspects of this series that far outweigh its flaws and depressing elements. Darling in the Franxx presented us with a bold storyline that people depicted as over-sexualized, but the majority of people appreciated this effort of the creators in raising voices against the problems in our society that people fail to acknowledge. Although the storyline and events featured had some depressing elements, in the end, they are a part of it, and without them, Darling in the Franxx won’t be the same as these elements enhanced the overall impact of the series while providing us with one of a kind entertainment.

“And you are me… It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as we have souls, I’m sure I will meet you again on Earth and we’ll pick up where we left off… I feel the same. I love you, darling.”

Zero Two’s last words before her death

It is worth noting that although people were sad after the finale of Darling in the Franxx but memorable events like Hiro’s encounter with Zero Two and how together they set off to overcome their doomed fate helped the audience in recovering. It also enabled them to realize the importance of love in life as this sole thing changed the whole world around Zero Two and Hiro. All such events lead to only one conclusion: Darling in the Franxx is definitely worth watching as it changed people’s lives in a good way.

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Our Final Thoughts:

In the end, the psyche of the human mind recognizes the value of things when they are lost or taken. Darling in the Franxx is no exception as we come to love the main characters but eventually, they die in the end, prompting us to realize how much we got invested in them. The term tragedy itself exists to drive people toward the future, and that’s how the death of Zero Two and Hiro compelled their comrades to continue living, as it is the only way to admire their noble sacrifice.

Thank you for reading!

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