Does Zero Two have powers?

Short Answer: Zero Two, being a Human-Klaxo Sapien Hybrid, holds powers like enhanced strength, regeneration, and super reflexes. She also possesses unparalleled piloting abilities; that’s why Dr. Franxx made a special Franxx called Strelizia for her. Although Zero Two doesn’t have powers on par with Klaxosaur Princess, she is still more powerful than any other human; after all, the powerful Klaxo Sapien blood races through her veins.

We all think having superpowers is cool, but the reality is quite different as society doesn’t allow such beings to live besides normal humans. Such is the case with Zero Two, who faces prejudice because of her Klaxosaur lineage and powers. With that said, Let’s explore the non-human side of Zero Two to discover whether she really differs from humans or she is just another human with a tragic story.

Is Zero Two Human?

Zero Two is half human, and half Klaxosaur as Dr. Franxx created her from the DNA of Klaxosaur Princess, also known as Code 001. Since she belongs to both races, she cannot be fully called human or Klaxosaour, as her existence lies on the fine line between humans and Klaxosaurs. In terms of personality, Zero Two first had a shy and innocent personality, as all humans have in their childhood, but continuous torture by adults forced her to develop a ruthless personality which resonates with her non-human side. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Zero Two was born neutral, but various tragic events compelled her to resort to her human or Klaxosaur side for better or worse.

Darling in the Franxx features Zero Two in both human and Klaxosaur dormant forms. However, her actual appearance combines both races’ characteristics, as shown in episode 13 of Darling in the Franxx. According to Dr. Franxx, Zero Two existence proves that the unison of humans and Klaxosaurs leads to the birth of a beautiful and perfect being who is more prideful and pure than all humans. It is worth noting that the creators portrayed the reality of two races with Zero Two and how being different from others can be both a blessing and a curse.

How does Zero Two differ from humans? 

As I have mentioned before, Zero Two has two sides: human and non-human as far as her non-human side is concerned, it differs from ordinary humans in terms of appearance, personality, abilities, and conscience. Zero Two had red skin color, fangs, and red horns in childhood, but upon growing up, she developed the appearance of an average human, probably because she was fascinated with becoming human. Moreover, Zero Two becomes violent whenever her non-human side takes over, like the time when Ichigo stops her from meeting Hiro. She ended up attacking Ichigo in rage, as shown in episode 14 of Darling in the Franxx.

Since Zero Two is a clone of Klaxosaur Princess, it is not surprising that she has some supernatural powers like enhanced speed, regeneration, and super reflexes, unlike children that don’t have such abilities because they belong to the human race. Talking about conscience, in the beginning, Zero Two didn’t care for humans and the world itself as she valued her own survival and happiness over everything else. At the same time, the children wish to save humanity and the world, even at the cost of their own lives, as adults have brainwashed them into thinking that their only purpose is to fight for the sake of humanity.

Why does Zero Two want to become human?

At first, Zero Two feared humans for their cruel tortures, but upon falling in love with Hiro, she decided to become human at all costs because the world would not allow a being like herself to stay together with a human. Moreover, adults used this scenario and brainwashed Zero Two into believing that killing Klaxosaurs would make her human; that’s why she is so bent on killing Klaxosaurs even in an injured state, as shown in episode 1 of Darling in the Franxx. However, the tragedy is that she lost herself in pursuit of becoming human and harmed Hiro, who turned out to be her darling from the past, as shown in episode 14 of Darling in the Franxx.

It is worth noting that Hiro isn’t the first person to be kind toward Zero Two. In childhood, a woman tasked with providing food to Zero Two took care of her and, before leaving, gave her a picture book called “The Beast and the Prince.” This book meant the whole world for Zero Two as she refused to give it to adults despite being tortured, as shown in episode 13 of Darling in the Franxx. However, upon forming a bond with Hiro, she showed the book to him, again indicating that Zero Two trusts Hiro to the point she showed him her most treasured thing.

Zero Two and her abilities

Zero Two existence connects humanity with the ancient Klaxo Sapien race, who existed on this planet way before humans and protected earth against the invasion of an alien race called VIRM. Although the Klaxo Sapien race is considered ancient, their technology and abilities were far more advanced than humans. Dr. Franxx wanted to create another being similar to Klaxo Sapiens, and his encounter with Klaxosaur Princess gave him a chance as he got away with her hair strand and used it to create Zero Two. Although Zero Two didn’t inherit all characteristics of Klaxosaur Princess, she still developed powers like regeneration, speed, strength, and last but not slightest, unparalleled piloting abilities.

We have seen Zero Two displaying her enhanced speed and strength numerous times in the series, but her regenerative abilities are not given much screen time. In childhood, Dr. Franxx experimented on her by using a laser beam to inflict a hole in her hand, which instantly got healed because of her regenerative abilities, as shown in episode 13 of Darling in the Franxx. Although the wound healed, Zero Two still experienced the unbearable pain of getting her hand pierced.

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Our Final Thoughts

Biologically speaking, Zero Two is not human, but in our opinion, she was more human than all so-called adults that not only tortured her but also betrayed her. However, even after all these things, she fought for their sake and sacrificed her life along with Hiro to save the very planet that adults abandoned. We can’t overlook the fact that Zero Two hated herself for being born a monster when the reality is that the adults made her into a monster.

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