Does Shin ever meet Lena?

Short Answer: It has been a complicated situation they have been and a lot of barriers have prevented them from actually meeting in person. In the later part of the series, Shin and Lena actually did meet, but that was without Lena realizing that she has actually come face to face with and is talking to Shin, because Shin was inside the new mecha he was using, serving the Federal Republic of Giad.

How did Shin and Lena first meet?

The first encounter of Shinei Nouzen and Vladilena Milize was in a voice communication through the military communication device of the Republic called the Para-RAID. This was when Lena was assigned to be the Handler or commanding officer of a squadron notorious for having their commanders resort to resigning or even committing suicide — the Spearhead — where Shin, with a codename The Undertaker was the captain.

Lena activated the Para-RAID communication to all the units of the Spearhead squadron and introduced herself as their new commanding officer. Shin responded and introduced himself as the Spearhead’s captain, and said “Personal name is Undertaker”. As the captain, Shin is the point person whom Lena will be at constant communication with in District 86.

Do shin and Lena become friends?

Lena has always been outspoken about her opposition to the maltreatment of the 86. Thus, as a Handler, she was always trying to communicate with the 86 to try to get to know them personally.

When Lena got appointed to become the Handler of the Spearhead Squadron, Lena often conversed with all of the members of the 86 and try to get to know and befriend them. And since Shin was the leader of the Squadron, Lena gets to talk with him more often than with the others, and that was where their friendship was formed.

We could clearly see how they have become friends because Shin was able to share to Lena his personal life, especially about his relationship with his brother and protector Shourei Nouzen who never came back from the army, who also coincidentally, saved Lena when she was trapped in District 86 when she was a child. The fact that they both know Shourei Nouzen made the two even closer, especially when Shin shared his desire of finding his brother and told her, “I’m looking for my brother in the past five years.”

How do they affect each other?

Shin and Lena became great team workers as they got to build their trust on each other. Lena believed in the capabilities of Shin and is genuine about her concern for the lives about the 86. Shin has an impassive personality, and even if he doesn’t explicitly show it, it is quite evident that he cares for what Lena has to feel on certain circumstances.

One instance was when the voices of the Legions could be heard by on the line for the first time, which may affect Lena’s sanity. Shin warned her to cut off the Para-RAID so as not to hear those voices, but she refused until she heard them herself. Shin didn’t want her to go lose her senses and so he cut off the Para-RAID himself so she won’t hear more of them.

Does Lena have feelings for shin?

What’s really beautiful about the 86 Eighty Six is how these sub-stories from the main storyline are being finely executed, such as the unspoken love affair of Shin and Lena.

Lena’s affection for Shin has always been obvious, with the way she blushes whenever teased, and more especially when she was taking the stairs as they conversed about the Revolution Festival and she was suddenly imagining that the shadows of those two persons were her and Shin. Shin was confused as to why Lena was suddenly quiet, called her name to check if she was still on the line, to which Lena tried to ditch her thoughts and said, “It’s really nothing!”

Do Shin and Lena meet in person?

Throughout the series, this could be one of the questions that keep on running in the minds of the viewers. The storyline makes you engrossed to the bond between Shin and Lena that you would hope they would somehow meet.

There was a part when Shin was on the verge of breaking down and ready about to be defeated by a Legion when somebody came and destroyed the Legion. It was Lena. But they did not recognize each other. When Shin heard her voice, she then figured out it was her, and when she mentioned her name, he remained speechless. It hit him even more when she continued speaking and said, “He asked me not to forget them.” Shin was ready to show himself to Lena and started opening the hatch. They were finally going to see each other. Then he heard the Legion approaching, and he had to close the hatch to fight.

Their chance to meet was gone.

But it was not the last.

On the last part, when the government of the Republic of San Magnolia was already down and its citizens were given minimal assistance by the Federal Republic of Giad, Lena volunteered to serve the Federacy under the codename Bloody Regina. Her profile of having led an elite squad of District 86 gave her an offer from the Federacy to command a unit assigned to a certain mission. When she arrived at the Federacy, the President took her to a place which she might find familiar. It it the mausoleum that the Federacy made for the Eighty Six. Seeing those engraved names of the Eighty Six and Fido, she recalled each of them, and, holding her illustrations of the five remaining 86, repeatedly uttered, “I won’t forget,” which also drive her even more to fight. Lena then added, “I will fight. Until I arrive somewhere reachable only by those who kept going until the end. In order to fight through to the end. In order to survive.”

After visiting the site, the Federacy brought her to be introduced to the unit which she’ll be handling. She faced the head of the unit along with the other four members, introduced herself to them, only to find out that she was after all, facing Shin and the rest of the Eighty Six.

It was a soul-stirring scene seeing Lena and Shin finally face to face with each other and reuniting with the 86 Eighty Six especially when she said, “I’ve always chased after you.”

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Our Final Thoughts:

86 Eighty Six indeed has its way of enticing its viewers through the very discreet love story of Shin and Lena. The cliffhanger at the end has left the audience wondering what happened to the two now that they have finally met face to face.

Which also makes us question, “Will there be a next season?”


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