Does Duo Maxwell Have a Girlfriend?

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Even though he’s nicknamed the God of Death, Duo Maxwell actually has a girlfriend named Hilde Schbeiker. However, their relationship isn’t your typical romantic relationship.

Duo and Hilde start off as enemies despite wishing to protect the same thing (Colonies), but in different ways. Although their relationship is quite complex and it is hard to consider them a couple, their affection for each other is an undeniable fact.

The very thing that triggers this question is their complex relationship, which might not be clear as day, and even after watching the whole series, people might be confused about Duo having a girlfriend. Don’t worry cause we are here to compile facts and events that will surely explain everything about Duo X Hilda.

So, let’s dive into their individual life first before we get into their life as a couple.

Duo Maxwell Background

The background story of Duo Maxwell is a tragic one as he gradually fell into the depths of hell and became known as the God of Death. Being born as an orphan, he didn’t know anything about his name and parents. He lived his childhood days as a part of a street gang.

The gang members were also orphans trying to survive each day. He worked with the gang members every day to steal food and items to live. He experienced the tragic death of his boss (Solo) due to a fever and assumed the name Duo. After the death of his boss a church, called Maxwell Church, took in the children of this gang. Father Maxwell, the founder of the church, his Sister Helen, and his wife, then adopted Duo.

For the first time in his life, He experiences the warmth of a family, but this peace and warmth turns out to be temporary as a group of extremists took over the church and brutally massacred everyone.

However, Duo’s efforts couldn’t save his family from a horrific fate. From this point onward, he took on the name of Maxwell and decided to become a God Of Death as his presence brings death to everyone, especially his beloved ones.

Years Later (A.C. 192), He stole a spaceship from a salvage space group called Sweeper Group. Through a series of events, Duo decided to steal the Gundam Deathscythe made by Professor G to destroy the organization (OZ) responsible for the deaths of countless colonists.

It’s safe to say that Duo Maxwell actually transitioned to a full-fledged God of Death after acquiring the Gundam DeathScythe.

Okay, we’ve covered Duo’s backstory. Let’s now move forward with his girlfriend’s backstory as well.

Hilde Schbeiker Background

Hilde Schbeiker is a young girl with short hair that gives her a tomboy look, working in the OZ organization space army. She volunteers herself for the army as she believes that OZ is working for the prosperity of people living in colonies and on Earth. She believes that OZ will bring peace to the Colonies by destroying the rebel organizations that threaten the peace of the colonies. She is willing to sacrifice her life without a second thought for the goals of the Organization, which shows her unshakeable will.

Hilde’s childhood is a mystery that hasn’t unfolded in the anime, but in my opinion, she belongs to a normal family living in a colony (Eastern European). Her family might be among the countless victims who fell into the schemes of the OZ organization. She appears to have firm faith in the OZ organization that tells us she might have wanted to become a soldier since childhood.

She has a good talent for piloting mobile suits. So far, She has piloted Leo (OZ-06MS ) and Taurus (OZ-12SMS), which are mass-produced mobile suits units. She is a very good pilot as she seems to move the mobile suits very well in space. As far as her aiming skills are concerned, she can shoot guns and beams with good precision.

Aside from being a soldier, Hilde is very good at studying and researching (Nano-Technology), as shown in Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop. Another interesting thing about Hilde is her conscience and views that can become her driving force even in most dire situations.

We have touched upon their backstories now let’s go and see how these two met each other.

How They Met

Like I said before, their first encounter wasn’t a love-at-first-sight drill. Hilde came across Duo as she heard him criticizing colonies’ affiliation with the OZ organization.

She tells him that colonies have suffered a history of humiliation, and the OZ organization can provide colonies mobile suits and power to defend themselves from future invasion. Duo tells her that the OZ organization is just using the labor and faith of colonies.

After all, they are the ones that planted the fear of war in everyone. During their ongoing conversation about peace, she hands him down a volunteer form. Strangely, Duo accepts this form hiding his ulterior motives.

Their first encounter was not that exciting, but still, their quarrel over beliefs was satisfactory considering romance is not the main genre of Gundam Wing.

From this point onward, we continue to see moments in which Duo and Hilde are involved. This encounter might tie their threads of fate for the rest of their lives more than they have ever imagined.

Moreover, they actually affect each other’s personalities, and lives. Let’s take a look at how they affect each other.

How They Affect Each Other

Duo has changed the life of Hilde from being a slave with a so-called Soldier tag to a strong woman with dignity and her own path to follow.

As we know, Hilde was a soldier bent on sacrificing her life for OZ Organization without questioning their methods, but her encounter with Duo gave her the strength to question their way of operating, and, eventually, she turned into a proud woman driven by her own belief and goals.

On the other hand, Hilde restored a sense of faith and hope in Duo. We have seen that Duo suffered because the colonists don’t seem to acknowledge his struggle for them, instead, they choose to side with oppressors causing Duo to lose faith in humanity, but his encounter with Hilde showed him a faint hope that still exists.

In my opinion, at some point in his life, Hilde herself became a hope and driving force for our lonely God of Death.

Their Goals

Hilde Schbeiker continues to fight for the peace of colonies believing in her own path and ideals. She wants to end the hardships and struggles of people living in space once for all.

Duo Maxwell wants to bring back the smiles on the faces of people living in colonies, and for that purpose, he continues to fight as the God of Death. The goals of Hilde and Duo are pretty much the same as both of them are fighting the war in their own way without holding back.

Since they’re a unique couple, they have a lot of interesting facts surrounding their relationship.

Interesting Fact

In Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop, Duo proposes to Hilde, and they end up getting married. However, due to some uncertain events, Hilde demanded a divorce from him. Although Duo accepted her demand, the application for divorce never went through.

They even have a child named Duo Maxwell (2). However, the heritage of this boy is not confirmed as Hilde considers him a child of Duo with another woman, and Duo is also not sure of it. If you think about it, Duo Maxwell (2) is definitely the child of Duo and Hilde because of the following reasons:

  • Duo Maxwell (2) shares an insane resemblance to Duo Maxwell.
  • Duo hasn’t been shown with another woman in the entire series of Gundam Wing.
  • Hilde also hasn’t been shown with another man in the entire series of Gundam Wing.
  • Both of them care about Duo Maxwell (2) very much.
  • Their marriage and time together further give this theory a strong base.

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