Do Lelouch and Kallen have a Child?

Short Answer: Lelouch and Kallen don’t have a child. Although as the show moved forward so did their feelings, their relationship never became the main focus of the anime and it never was mentioned that they conceived a child.

Let’s explore the chemistry of Lelouch and Kallen’s relationship to understand why fans ship them so much that they even made changes in the storyline to feature the existence of a child!

Lelouch and Kallen when they first met

Lelouch and Kallen’s first encounter is not your typical romantic encounter. Both of them meet as classmates of Ashford academy however Lelouch has already seen her when he ended up inside a truck of a rebellion group. Kallen is one of the people in the truck and when they meet in school, Lelouch uses his geass on her to confirm that it was her during the incident.

Much to his surprise however, Lelouch ends up saying some words that he never meant for her to hear.

“Don’t tell anyone about Shinjuku.”

Lelouch Lamparouge to Kallen Kozuki

When she hears these words, Kallen immediately starts being suspicious of Lelouch. Especially since he doesn’t give an answer to her when she asks what he means by his question. In order to secure her secret, she decides that she has to kill him but Lelouch, being as smart as he is, manages to fool her into thinking he’s innocent by making her have a conversation on the phone with prerecorded messages from him.

Kallen ends up believing he is innocent and is later inducted into the student council. There she spends her time as a normal highschool girl along with her classmates.

Later, Lelouch begins to command the Japanese Rebellion Group under the name and mask of Zero. With his guidance, the group begin to defeat Britannian forces one by one. The rebellion group ultimately decides to make him their leader and he later renames the group into The Order of the Black Knights. A group that fights not for any country but for Justice. Kallen starts to admire the actions of Zero, although she still has no idea of the fact that Lelouch is Zero. At school, they continue to interact with each other as typical students.

Lelouch and Kallen after she found out who Zero was

Kallen supported the actions of Zero without ever questioning his identity because she believed that he works for the salvation of Japan. However, things change drastically when Kallen learns the shocking truth about the identity of Zero when he engages in a one-on-one battle with Suzaku, and a bullet pierces through his helmet, revealing his identity.

Kallen finds herself in conflict upon finding out that Zero is Lelouch and that he manipulated all of them for his personal gains. Although it was a shock for Kallen that Lelouch is Zero, at that time, she already knew that Zero was not a Japanese but finding out it was her own classmate and not figuring it out was too much for her. Moreover, she learns about Geass from C.C. which complicates the matters at hand as she begins to wonder whether her undying devotion to him was the result of a Geass mandate or her own feelings.

After some time, She rejoins the Order of Black Knights to get some answers out of Lelouch. Upon asking, Lelouch claims that he never used  Geass to take control of her life and asks whether she believes in him or not, to which Kallen breaks into tears while telling him that she wanted to believe in him even after discovering all about his lies.

Lelouch and Kallen when they started to care for each other

After discovering Zero’s real identity, Kallen despised Lelouch for messing up with her noble devotion and sacrifices. However, gradually, her wounds begin to heal as she notices that despite all the horrible deeds, Lelouch does care about her and other people’s lives as he takes on the responsibility for the lives lost due to his commands and actions.

As they get closer, they start to form a bond that is just short of romance. Kallen even helped Lelouch get out of depression when he tried to take drugs cause he didn’t want to fight against his beloved sister Nunnally. When he asks Kallen to comfort him, she slaps him while reminding him of his responsibilities as Zero, the man who can make miracles. This whole scene proves the fact that Kallen not only respects and admires Zero but also cares for Lelouch.

On the other hand, Lelouch begins to treat Kallen as his treasured possession. He was mentally suffering when Kallen got captured by Xingke. You could see visible signs of his frustration for his failure at rescuing Kallen. What’s more is he just lost his ace pilot which placed him in a very tough possition against the Chinese federation. It was a monumental amount of stress for Lelouch’s part but he pushed through and managed to get her back showing that he does value her.

Last but not least, when Lelouch decided to become an evil emperor to execute the Zero Requiem plan, he didn’t tell Kallen because she would be sad. In the final arc of the show, Kallen tries to reason with Lelouch and even kisses him, but he remains silent because of Zero Requiem. Upon witnessing the death of Lelouch, Kallen breaks into tears as she finally understands that Lelouch took on the hatred of all the world to create a new world.

In short, Lelouch and Kallen developed a deep bond that helped them make life-changing decisions while moving forward in their respective lives but they never had a child together.

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