Darling in the Franxx: How Did Hiro Survive The Third Ride?

Short Answer: Hiro managed to pilot Franxx with Zero Two, but gradually his body developed a blue tumor because of piloting a Franxx with a Hybrid KlaxoSapien like Zero Two. Like all previous Parasites, the adults predicted Hiro’s demise in the third ride. On the verge of passing away, Hiro’s life flashed before him, but upon watching Zero Two suffering, he mustered what little strength and willpower he still had and was able to reverse the tumor’s effects.

Although the tumor disappeared, its scar remained on Hiro’s chest. Since Hiro’s sudden compatibility with Zero Two is confusing for many people, Let’s discuss the circumstances and events that made Hiro compatible with Zero Two.

Who is Zero Two?

Zero Two, the female protagonist of Darling in the Franxx, is the first hybrid KlaxoSapien that came into being when Dr. Franxx experimented on the hair strands of the Klaxosaur Princess. Although Dr. Franxx performed experiments on other test subjects, only Zero Two was able to inherit the KlaxoSapien blood. In childhood, Zero Two looked like a monster as she had red skin color and fangs, probably because of KlaxoSapien’s blood in her veins. What’s interesting though is that Zero Two developed a red skin color, unlike Klaxo Sapiens, who had blue skin color, and the only possible reason behind this change is genetic mutation; after all, Dr. Franxx artificially created her.

“If you don’t belong here, just build a place where you do. If you don’t have a partner, find one you. And if you can’t, take one by force.”

Zero Two after Hiro explains his lack of partner

Talking about Zero Two’s personality,  She comes off as a ruthless pistil bent on killing Klaxosaur as the adults manipulate her into believing that killing Klaxosaur will make her human. Although Zero Two despised humans as they literally tormented her in the most brutal manner, when she fell in love with Hiro and discovered the tragic truth that she can’t be together with him because she is a monster, Zero Two decided to become human at all costs.

Why can’t Hiro pilot a Franxx?

Hiro, the male protagonist of Darling in the Franxx, was one of the children with high aptitudes and Franxx piloting abilities. Even the adults gave him special treatment, as his abilities and skills would benefit them in the long run. However, all of a sudden, Hiro begins losing his capabilities as his compatibility with different pistils continues to drop, and eventually, he fails at piloting Franxx. Even Naomi, his assigned partner, could not help but curse the fate that made her pair with Hiro, as because of Hiro’s incompatibility, she also could not become an official parasite.

“Getting mocked for my lack of a partner would be one thing. But the fact that there was still a part of me that still hoped for one made me feel pathetic.”

Hiro to himself after first meeting Zero Two

When Hiro ingested Zero Two’s blood, it enabled him to undergo genetic changes that increased the number of yellow blood cells in his body to the point no human pistil could maintain a connection with him when piloting Franxx. Upon learning about it, the adults suggested disposing him as he could no longer pilot Franxx, but Dr. Franxx decided to keep him alive as he found Hiro’s genetic development interesting.

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How did Hiro survive the third ride?

Hiro’s blue tumor overtook his entire body, and death was just a few steps away but watching Zero Two struggling to pilot the Franxx alone made him realize that he can’t just die when his partner is suffering. This realization boosted Hiro’s willpower and enabled him to reverse the effect of the tumor, much to adult’s surprise who predicted Hiro’s demise in the third ride. Afterwards, Hiro’s compatibility continues to rise with Zero Two as both begin to harbor romantic feelings for each other, which in turn leads to higher synchronization levels during the piloting of Franxx.

“My wings exist for you. I’m your partner. I’m not going to leave you alone.”

Hiro promising to be Zero Two’s partner

Hiro developed a blue tumor because he ingested Zero Two blood in the past, and after piloting Franxx with her, the blood reacted resulting in a tumor. However, Hiro managed to develop a mutual bond with Zero Two, which enabled him to overcome the effects of the tumor. Moreover, We see a spark of red blood in Hiro’s eye just before reversing the tumor’s effects, indicating that Hiro’s own blood combined with the KlaxoSapien blood and the fact he later becomes a hybrid KlaxoSapien.

Why is Hiro compatible with Zero Two?

During his childhood, Hiro happened to witness Zero Two getting tortured by the adults causing him much grief. Although he was afraid of her fangs and horns, he couldn’t sit around without helping her. Hiro mustered up his courage, he rescued her and escaped the facility. During their perilous journey through the blizzard, Zero Two sustained an injury on her leg, and blue blood began to sprout out, which was much to Hiro’s surprise. Hiro ended up licking her wound and ingested her KlaxoSapien blood, as he read somewhere that animals lick their wounds to heal them. Eventually, the blood made him undergo genetic changes, and he became so much overwhelming that all human pistils could not pilot with him anymore.

“The distant skies… beyond time and distance… an overwhelmingly long journey just for the two of us. You’re a part of me. I’m a part of you. I’ll remember your warmth, along with the memories we’ve made together. I’ll never let you go again!”

Hiro and Zero Two about their bond

Given that Hiro also possesses KlaxoSapien blood, it is not surprising he can only pilot Franxx with Zero Two cause the two share the same blood. Moreover, Hiro eventually becomes a full-fledged Hybrid KlaxoSapien after merging with Strelizia True Apus, as shown in Episode 24 of Darling in the Franxx. As we’ve explained before, feelings of stamen and pistil for each other contribute much to the overall capability and functioning of Franxx; that’s why Hiro and Zero Two share insane compatibility because they both love each other.

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Our Final Thoughts:

In short, Hiro refused to give in to his fate and decided to see everything till the end together with Zero Two, and this determination and willpower helped him survive the third ride with Zero Two. The ingested KlaxoSapien blood of Zero Two indeed made him develop this tumor in the first place, but again Hiro doesn’t regret licking Zero Two wound because he loves her more than anything else, and this specific act enabled him to be together with Zero Two which is sufficient for him to live on. In my opinion, the genuine feelings of Hiro for Zero Two contributed a lot to this compatibility thing; therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude the power of love indeed helped him survive the so-called deadly third ride.

Thank you for reading!

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