What is the Sword of Akasha?

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In C’s world lies a massive temple structure called Sword of Akasha, hovering in the middle of infinite space. It exists to destroy Jovian Gods (Jupiter) while assimilating all dead and alive human consciousnesses in C’s world to create a single entity that will represent the entire humanity.

Charles Zi Britannia, the Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, found this system by using a Thought Elevator, ancient runes engraved with Geass marks. What does the Sword OfAkasha signify, and why were Charles and his brother V.V. trying to use it? Continue reading to find out!

Why was the Emperor trying to use it?

The emperor of Britannia using his code to further his plan.

During his childhood, Charles Zi Britannia and his brother V.V. witnessed the horrors of war. They felt the pain and suffering it brings to the world firsthand in the form of the death of their mother. Adding more to their grief, their brothers killed each other in order to secure their place on the throne. All of these lies and death caused Charles and V.V. so much pain and hatred for the current world and the God who rules it that they vowed to kill the God who allows people to live like this and make a new world without lies.

In hopes of creating a just world free of lies, He decided to use the Sword of Akasha which he deemed the perfect realization of his plan. Charles believed that there is no such thing as souls as everyone is a part of collective consciousness which is the true face of humanity, and peace will be realized when everyone returns to collective consciousness to become a single entity. Regarding his personal goals, He wanted to reunite with Marianne, his beloved wife, who V.V killed.

How would it have affected the world

Souls or consciousness of humans being collected and assimilated into C’s world.

Charles activated the Ragnarok Connection by using his immortality code, as shown in episode 21 of Code Geass R2. Although Lelouch and his fellows stopped them but for a second, let’s imagine what would have happened if their plan had gone smoothly. The first phase of this plan involves the massacre of the jovian Gods (Jupiter) by using a sword-like structure made of collective consciousness.

In phase two, all alive humans will die as their consciousness is drawn, leaving their bodies useless. Their consciousness will travel all the way to C’s world and will combine with the consciousness of dead people, which results in the birth of a single giant entity that will represent all of humanity. In short, earth and humanity would have perished due to this plan.

Who knew about it?

Lelouch requesting God to not stop the march of time. Suzaku and C.C. supporting him.

Charles thought of this plan together with his brother V.V. when their innocent mother perished in the chaos created by lies and weakness. Later, Marianne joined them as she shared the same belief. She even made C.C. an accomplice in this plan by brain-washing her that this plan exists to save humanity.

Later in the series, Suzaku learned about the existence of the Sword of Akasha when Emperor Charles personally took him to C’s world by using the Thought Elevator, as shown in episode 2 of Code Geass R2. He also tells him that he is the first knight of round to ever learned about its existence.

On the other hand, Lelouch witnesses the Sword of Akasha when he destroys the base of Geass Order at Taklamakan Desert, as shown in episode 14 of Code Geass R2. He gets sucked into C’s world by the damaged Thought Elevator. Upon reaching, He finds Charles standing on the hovering structure of the Sword of Akasha.

Our Final Thoughts

In the end, the Sword of Akasha turns out to be a relic of the past that should have been destroyed earlier because even if Charles had not come across it, there is no guarantee that no one will use it in the future. It is fair to conclude that Charles’s plan to use the Sword of Akasha was born out of his past traumas. In a way, he wanted to protect people from these lies and tragedies, but his approach and actions became self-serving in the process; that’s why Lelouch stepped in to destroy Charles’s scheme as it was nothing but self-serving justice, which is no different from evil.

Interesting Fact

Many things in Code Geass are left unexplained, and we can’t help but wonder about them. Today, We are going to shed some light on Tribe Image that is shown as a flashback whenever a person receives Geass or something related to it. The planet is most likely Jupiter, as we have seen it in C’s world as well, and children living on that planet are the believers of Jovian Gods; that’s why they have Geass symbols all over this body.

Another theory is that these Children with Geass sigils are a part of an ancient civilization that worshiped Jovian Gods, and they are the progenitors who first received the powers of Geass and then passed on to other generations.

So this was everything you needed to know about the Sword of Akasha in Code Geass. If you have already watched Code Geass and are looking to watch something similar, then we have got you covered.

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