What is C.C.’s Wish?

Short Answer: C.C.’s wish is to die like a normal person, which is only possible when she gets free from the immortality curse. In Code Geass, only immortal witches like C.C. can bestow people with the power of kings, also known as Geass.

The process of bestowing Geass is similar to a contract in which both parties gain something from the contract. In the first episode of Code Geass, Lelouch gained Geass through a contract with C.C. She initiates the contract with Lelouch, hoping that one day he will uplift her curse.

C.C. has gone through major character development throughout the series and actually ends up with a new wish. What is C.C.’s current wish? What caused her to change her wish? To find the answers, let’s get to know C.C. a bit more.

C.C.’s Background

C.C. has lived through decades because of the immortality curse. She has witnessed the changing history of mankind from very close. C.C. has been around since the medieval era.

In episode 15 of Code Geass Rebellion R2, we witness her childhood where she is drifting here and there in a small village as a slave. Despite such a harsh life, C.C.’s eyes continue to glimmer with hope.

She was living a lonely life because she didn’t have anyone by her side, not even her parents, which gives us a hint that she might be an orphan. She wasn’t born immortal. So, what caused her to become an immortal witch? Well, there is quite a tragic story behind it.

Back when just a child, she was already homeless and barely surviving. However, she met a witch disguised as a Nun. This nun took C.C. into her care and she also made a contract with her. Upon receiving the Geass from the nun, C.C. became happy because her Geass forced everyone around to love her.

This particular event tells us that she wanted to be loved by everyone, and that’s why her Geass manifested this power. With time, She became fed up with this fabricated love. Even after using Geass, C.C. didn’t get her long-desired unconditional genuine love.

She obtained another Geass in her other eye that indicated her growing power. The Nun takes this chance and lands a deadly attack on her, revealing her true nature. In this state of life and death, She forced C.C. to accept her Geass Code.

After taking the code, C.C. received a Geass Sigil on her left breast, which indicates that she has become immortal. On the other hand, Nun became mortal again and committed suicide right after becoming mortal.

From this day onward, C.C. has dreamed of nothing but death. She is killed countless times during her journey, from getting burned on a stake to being shot in the head. C.C. has experienced the worst possible ways of dying, but none of these could kill her for real.

C.C.’s past is bleak, to say the least. However, God hasn’t abandoned her completely because soon she will gain genuine love, which might help her in forgetting the horrible past. Let’s take a look at C.C’s current life to see whether she is progressing towards a bright future or she is just drifting towards another hell.

C.C.’s Current Life

C.C.’s encounter with Lelouch changed her life more than she ever imagined. At first, She gave him Geass only so that she could have her wish fulfilled in the end. However, gradually she begins to change for better or worse.

She helped Lelouch in becoming Zero, the mastermind behind the actions of the Order of the Black Knights. In episode 7 of Code Geass Rebellion R1, She saves Lelouch by taking on the disguise of Zero from the trap of Cornelia (Second Princess).

Although she saves him just to keep him alive so that he can fulfill her wish, it is still worth mentioning. It is important to note that C.C’s personality and views about the world continue to change throughout the series.

She seems much calmer with Lelouch than in her previous lonely life. She really enjoys moments like eating pizza at Lelouch’s house. C.C. even got the chance to experience the life of a high school student. It is true she just did so to assist Lelouch in his future missions, but still, she looks more vibrant in school uniform.

With Lelouch, She is free to do anything. She is safe from people looking to make her a research subject. In episode 1 of Code Geass Rebellion R2, Lelouch leads a fabricated life as his father uses his Geass to alter his memories.

On the other hand, C.C. continues to lead the Order of Black Knights in place of Lelouch. She saves Lelouch again from the armed imperial forces. C.C. kisses him to release his sealed memories, which again shows that she cares for him. In episode 15 of Code Geass Rebellion R2, She decides to give her code to Charles Vi Britannia because Lelouch didn’t take action when she asked him to take her code for himself.

C.C. about to be killed by Chales Zi Britannia.

All these events prove that she didn’t want Lelouch to live an eternal life of curse. In the first place, She gives in to Charles to save Lelouch from a dreadful fate.

However, Lelouch doesn’t give up and tells C.C.to not to waste her life as he will fulfill her true wish.

Upon hearing this, C.C. escapes with Lelouch showing that she belongs to him and will support him for eternity.

In Short, C.C’s current life is far better than her previous one as she is now living a peaceful life.

“There are times in life when you have to distance yourself from those you love because you love them.”

Now, let’s talk about C.C’s wish in detail.

C.C’s Wish

Like I have mentioned before, C.C.’s wish was to die, which was released in episode 15 of Code Geass Rebellion R2. She wanted to die because, without death, life itself is meaningless. The joy of life is that it will end eventually, but immortality stole this joy of living from her. 

She also wishes for death because she considers herself lonely. She has never experienced genuine love and warmth because of the immortality curse and Geass. Thus, she wants to end her life once and for all.

“My wish is to die.”

C.C. to Lelouch

However, as we know, she didn’t give her code to Charles because of Lelouch and escapes, which indicates that she doesn’t want to die anymore. She wants to live again because there are people who genuinely love her.

At this point, we get to know that C.C.’s real wish was to be loved unconditionally by a person. A person who is not afraid of her immortality.A person who loves her without asking for something in exchange.

Fortunately, she finds that one person who turned out to be Lelouch. In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection, C.C is going on another journey to trace the remaining Geass fragments but Lelouch stops her and tells her that he will go with her. He even changes his name to L.L., which proves the fact that he proposed C.C. by changing his name to suit her.

C.C. breaks into tears and smiles. This might be the first time that she makes a smile that is genuine and adorable at the same moment. The brightness and happiness in the eyes of C.C. prove the fact that she finally gets his real wish fulfilled.

After credits, We see Lelouch and C.C. dressed in formal dresses making a vow, which indicates that they are finally married. Although their marriage was a bit odd, still fans are extremely happy with this outcome.

As per our tradition, we are also going to discuss various interesting facts about Code Geass.

Interesting Fact:

Today, we are going to talk about one interesting fact about Shirly Fenette. A fact that the majority of fans might not know.

Here is a short intro about her. Shirly was a kind girl studying alongside Lelouch in high school. She was in love with Lelouch but couldn’t bring herself to confess. She played a major supporting role in Code Geass.

Lelouch as Zero ends up killing her father unintentionally. He used his Geass to remove her memories so that she could live a peaceful life. However, even after memory loss, she ends up falling in love with him.

She is killed by Rolo, the fake brother of Lelouch appointed by the Emperor. Lelouch finds her dying and tries to save her with Geass but all in vain. She tells him that even after knowing that he killed his father, she can’t bring herself to hate him.

In episode 13 of Code Geass Rebellion R2, She dies with Lelouch crying by her side. However, she came back in the Code Geass Movie that surprised all fans. People thought she was revived or something, but it is not true. The final movie of Code Geass is not an actual sequel to the story.

It is a sequel to special movies released after the end of Code Geass Season 2, and Shirly didn’t die in those movies, that’s why she is alive in the Code Geass movie.

So this was everything you needed to know about C.C’s wish in Code Geass. If you have already watched Code Geass and are looking to watch something similar then we have got you covered.

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