Code Geass: Top 10 Strongest Geass

One of the most anticipated and watched anime of the early 2000s is Code Geass. Not all viewers may know that Code Geass is not only about big robots but is also about their superpowers called Geass. So today, we will talk about the Top 10 Strongest Geass in Code Geass Anime Series.

Before we dive deep into these, let’s discuss what is Geass? It is a supernatural prowess given to certain individuals by forming contracts with Code-Bearers. Geass-users will exhibit a gleaming imprint in the eye when utilized, and while they give amazing powers, they carry various limitations and conditions like holding a double-edged sword.

Though there are a lot of different variations of Geass, I only want to break it down to which Geass reigns supreme. Now, let’s get started…

10. Mao: Seal of Absolute Sound

Mao’s Geass allows him to telepathically hear the thoughts of anybody inside a 500 meters range, which is why it is called the “Seal of Absolute Sound”. He can likewise zero in on a particular individual’s thoughts, and in turn, drown out the rest, yet couldn’t read the thoughts of somebody who had no information or had dismissed it.

The main downfall of focusing on somebody like this is that it diminishes his range of effectiveness and hearing so many individuals at once can be somewhat stressful on your psychological state. Mao’s special Geass makes him one out of many to outwit Lelouch by expecting his plans. It’s a powerful effect that can even pierce mental deceptions; Lelouch’s attempt to figure out numerous thoughts doesn’t bother it.

At six years old, Mao accepted his Geass from C.C. After some time, he began neglecting on keeping a hold on his Geass and turned him into a deranged. Over time, both of his eyes become permanently active and obliging him to consistently focus on the thoughts of all of everybody around him; this eventually made him frantic, provoking him to be all the more mentally unstable and become fixated on C.C., the only person whose thought he couldn’t hear.

9. Jeremiah Gottwald: Geass Canceler

Jeremiah’s ability is a Geass Canceler, a Geass-related power given by Britannia’s Geass Directorate through cybernetic implants which permits him to cancel other Geass inside a specific range, hence the name “Geass Canceler”. Unlike the other Geass’, his ability doesn’t have to do any eye-to-eye contact and can penetrate any physical barriers.

As Jeremiah’s left eye was demonstrated to be a robotic substitution in his last appearance in the first season, it raises the issue of whether Britannia’s Geass Directorate had figured out how to reverse-engineer a Geass, or just simply been creating countermeasures. His Geass can perform some kind of healing like repairing minds and memories done by Geass.

Whenever initiated, the silver cover of his left eye opens, uncovering an inverted blue sigil over his green robotic eye. The area of effect is represented by a blue air pocket like Rolo’s red version.

8. Orpheus Zevon: Disguise

Orpheus’ Geass was acquired from a with V.V. before he escapes from the grasp of the Geass Order, it enables him to “become” any individual he picks him to be. When initiated, he takes on the appearance of another person, including their voices and gestures. This is only possible by deceiving the brain of any individual within an unknown range that sees Orpheus, yet it doesn’t work when seen by a camera as it has no brain.

The weakness of this Geass is that it deactivates itself with no warning after five minutes. Due to this limitation, it keeps Orpheus from precisely timing its use, as he can’t perceive when it will stop working. If he uses it twice in succession, he will not be able to initiate it again for a whole hour. How much time that Orpheus has had this Geass is still unknown.

In any case, sometime after he becomes a part of the Glinda Knights, his Geass power develops and he loses control over it and resorts to using a mask to keep it under control. The Geass manifested in his left eye when being used, and later on, extended to his right eye also.

7. Marianne vi Britannia: Soul Transference

After making a contract with C.C. Marianne acquired her Geass which allows her to transfer both her body and Geass into another individual’s body. Although this could only be utilized when she is dying, this allows her to narrowly cheat death and potentially even live forever assuming she can keep on swapping bodies upon death.

At the point when her consciousness resurfaced, she could control the body of her victim as if it were her own, and telepathically talk with C.C. as a side effect. Marianne might get back to her original body as long as it is still intact. Her Geass appeared in her left eye when she utilized it. While Marianne’s ability seems useful, I believe that the semi-immortality effect will take a toll on a living person mentally and emotionally through these different bodies for centuries.

6. C.C.: Love Alteration

C.C.’s Geass allowed her to make anyone fall in love with her and thus make them exceptionally close, affectionate, and kind towards her. She acquired the Geass through a contract with a religious woman during the medieval era. C.C.’s power comes from a tragic one, it came from her craving to be adored and loved by others and yet left her unsatisfied and bored. She could make anyone around her love her, what could be more remarkable than controlling the feelings of those around you and having no adversaries thereof.

After C.C. had become exhausted of her surroundings, the nun who had bound the Geass contract to her uncovered that she had deceived C.C. which severely injured her in the process. C.C.’s only choice for survival was to accept the nun’s Code and the immortality that comes with it. Losing the Code, the nun became mortal once more, allowing her to end it all through suicide.

C.C.’s Geass initially appeared in her left eye, however, eventually engulfing both along with becoming permanently active and uncontrollable. Her Geass sigil/mark is located on her forehead, glowing red when activated. Later on, you could see that exhaustion on CC due to her code of immortality curse.

5. Charles zi Britannia: Memory Alteration

Charles’ Geass allows him to freely modify a person’s memories to his content by making direct eye contact and as far as we know he’s able to do this as much as he wants; with it, he could thoroughly adjust a person’s character by rewriting their memories. Meaning that this Geass power has no downfalls. Likewise, this Geass can seal the power of another Geass user by suppressing their memory of ever possessing a Geass, and is even able to make an individual lose one of their senses such as sight.

While we don’t know the specifics on how this is even possible, it’s also possible to somehow break out of the influence of this power and regain lost memories. Charles can utilize his power more than once on a person. Interestingly, Charles’ Geass Sigils shows in both eyes a representation of his experience with Geass.

There are ways of breaking or weakening these seals, like having contact with an Immortal or just sheer willpower, though the latter may have only been possible thanks to his death. For instance, its impact on Lelouch was canceled by C.C.; this might be determined because of their contract, and not possible for non-Geass users or casualties without a connection to her.

Nunnally was likewise capable of breaking through the block on her eyes left by her father’s Geass through sheer will, however, there was no mention of regained memories or regardless of whether or not this could have been possible had Charles still possessed his Geass and been alive by then.

So as far as power, I think only Charles can rival Lelouch. Charles was able to briefly stop Lelouch as we saw toward the start of season 2 with his sealing and memory modifying Geass.

4. Rolo Lamperouge: Ward of Absolute Suspension

Rollo’s Geass allows him to stop peoples perception of time. However, this ability is useless on inanimate objects or physical phenomena such as speed and momentum like flying bullets. The main catch or disadvantage is that Rollo is only able to activate it by briefly halting his heart. In this way, it must only be utilized for a short time or Rollo would die.

It is also extremely challenging for him to use it at a wide range or to stop a large number of people or use it one after another. It can also be used to freeze the same person multiple times. Despite gaining it at the age of six and utilizing it for a decade, Rolo never failed to keep a grip on his Geass. It manifests in his right eye when used and projects a red sphere representing the area of effect. Rolo ultimately died when he overused his power in a short amount of time.

3. Shamna: Failed One

Shamna claims that her Geass used to permit her to see the future but something happened which she assumes is connected to Charles and Lelouch playing with C’s World. Due to this, it made her get a damaged Code and changed her ability to have the option to “travel once again into the past” by six hours whenever she dies, an ability she uses over and over again by committing suicide.

This makes her seem like a clever strategist who knows your plan ahead of time. It is never completely clarified how the ability functions, whether it’s investigating the future however full-body experiencing the vision, or only her consciousness travels once more into the past, or on jumping timelines with every passing.

The specific properties of the “Failed One”, are not yet revealed. It is shown that this power doesn’t give invulnerability to any Geass nor immortality. It does keep the user from aging, giving them everlasting youth. The area of the imprint changes over a long time as it wanders over the body. Unlike code-bearers, users of this new power can’t withdraw somebody’s Geass power. As of now, Shamna and Lelouch are the main bearers of this new power.

2. Lorenzo il Soresi: Illusions

Lorenzo’s Geass which is seen in the spinoff of Renya of Darkness manifests through his left eye and is sometimes seen on his right. His Geass can rule others in more than one way: from having them experience true-to-life illusions, to uncovering crucial information from the past, to through and through oppressing their freedom of thought. It appears in his left eye, albeit in two boards it is found in his right eye all things considered. The limitations of his ability are still unknown.

1. Lelouch vi Britannia: Power of Absolute Obedience

Lelouch’s notorious power is arguably the best and perhaps the strongest in the series. At the beginning of the series, Lelouch’s Geass was given through contract with C.C. Lelouch’s Geass allows him to order anything and I mean anything to an individual so long as he can look at them directly in the eyes. Combined with his shrewd mind, Lelouch can lay out snares early, and the victims don’t even remember being manipulated. The person who was given the order should execute it no matter what happens. It should be taken note that this command will not be uplifted as long as the order is not yet completed.

Lelouch’s Geass can be switched off which is certainly an extraordinary point-hitter and can get you out
of numerous tight situations including toppling your dad and the government. Now, this Geass can only affect each individual once, so Lelouch should cautiously watch on when and how to manage it. However, if you’re as smart as Lelouch you can get around this downside which makes him practically untouchable in the battle where he can order enemy troops to commit suicide.

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