What is C.C.’s Real Name?

Short Answer: C.C.’s real name is not revealed officially in the entire Code Geass Series, which infuriates many fans across the globe, but all hope is not lost because Code Geass fans really worked out their brains to formulate some theories about her name, which are surprisingly strong enough to be accepted by the vast majority of people.

However, acknowledging some random theories might be hard for hardcore Code Geass fans without a proper explanation. Rest assured, we are going to trace facts in the life of C.C to figure out whether these theories are true or not.

But before we dive into too much detail let’s get to know C.C. a bit more.

Who is C.C.?

C.C is a female character featured in Code Geass. She appears to be a young girl between the age of 16-17, but in reality, she is several hundred centuries old because of the immortality curse. She ends up becoming Lelouch Lamperouge’s partner in crime after bestowing him with a Geass.

She made her debut in the very first episode of Code Geass when childhood versions of Lelouch and Suzaku are playing, and C.C. continues to watch them from a distance. Years Later, The Holy Britannian Empire has conquered Japan. The Empire captures C.C. for various research purposes. However, the revolting Japanese faction steals her from them, mistaking her for a dangerous weapon.

The fate of C.C. and Lelouch intertwines each other when the armed forces of the Empire perceive Lelouch as a traitor, and just before his execution, C.C. steps in and saves him by sacrificing her life. Lelouch witnessed a different world and power upon touching supposedly dead C.C.’s hand. He ends up forming a contract with her for the power of Geass.

If I grant you power, could you go on? I propose a deal—in exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and you accept its conditions. While living in a world of humans, you will live unlike any other: a different providence, a different time, a different life. The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?”

– C.C. to Lelouch Lamperouge when they first meet.

C.C.’s role in Code Geass

C.C.’s role in the anime is quite complicated. At first, she seems to be a manipulative witch giving people powers just to have her wish fulfilled in the end. She is emotionless and doesn’t care about the people around her.

Some people even perceive her as a villain who will betray Lelouch in the end. Despite all the rumors, She turns out to be a lonely witch seeking nothing but peaceful death. C.C. becomes Lelouch’s very first ally in his mission of destroying the Holy Britannian Empire and the Emperor (Charles Vi Britannia).

She holds significant importance because without the power of Geass Lelouch wouldn’t have started his rebellion which is basically the main plot of Code Geass. As we have mentioned before, C.C. appears to be emotionless. There is a reason behind her current personality and nature.

Let’s get into the backstory of C.C. to discover what triggered her to become ruthless.

C.C.’s Backstory

C.C.’s past cannot be described well with just words, I mean we can’t just imagine the hardships endured by this frail girl.She comes off as an orphan because her parents aren’t even mentioned and the way C.C. spent her childhood as a slave further proves the fact that she is an orphan. After taking into account that she is alive for 5-7 centuries, her birth era is considered medieval where slaves and poverty are normal things.

In episode 15 of Code Geass Season 2, Lelouch witnesses the past memories of C.C. where she is a bright girl dressed in dirty clothes trying to get people’s love. She wasn’t a witch with an immortality curse from the beginning, in fact, she was forced to become one. C.C’s desire to get the love and attention from people forced her to form a contract with a witch disguised as a Nun working in a church. She gained a Geass that caused people to love her just like she wanted. However, with time, C.C. became tired of this fake love. She attains a Geass in her other eye which causes her powers to go berserk. In this time of distress, the Nun helped her whom she considered her loyal ally. Suddenly, the Nun attacked her with a knife revealing her real motive.

She forced C.C. to accept her Geass Code and she ended up accepting it because it was the only way to survive. Upon receiving the Code, C.C’s received a Geass Sigil on her wound implying that she has become a Witch with an immortality curse. On the other hand, the Nun became mortal again as her code was transferred to C.C. She commits suicide right after becoming mortal as living for eternity leaves people with nothing but a death wish. C.C. lost her Geass after this tragic event because she can now bestow people with Geass but cannot use a Geass herself. She ends up going on a journey. C.C bestowed various people with Geass during her journey.

She is killed numerous times during her life but nothing could uplift her curse of immortality. It is important to note that although she is immortal, that doesn’t mean she is free from the pain as well. C.C. experiences horrible pain every time she is killed. C.C. has gone through various tragic ordeals throughout her life.

It is not wrong to say that she has witnessed the long history of mankind which is full of misery and tragedy. Every time I recall a tragedy that happened in mankind’s history I can’t help but think that C.C. might be a victim of it.

Since we promised to give away some fan theories about C.C’s real name, let’s get into them to discover which one sounds legit.

C.C.’s Real Name

C.C. ‘s real name is not revealed as I have mentioned before but some theories are worth mentioning because some of them have strong reasoning and most importantly fans support it.

According to the most popular theory, C.C’s real name is Yuki Shiroi which means Snow White in the Japanese Language. This theory is taken from some specific events that are featured in episode 11 of Code Geass R1.

Lelouch was taking care of an injured C.C. in a cave. She unconsciously reveals her name to him but her words are silenced by the drop of water falling from the stalactite. Lelouch quotes a phrase after hearing her real name which is as follows:-

“C.C. I don’t know why the snow is white, but I think white snow is pretty, I don’t hate it”

– Lelouch Lamperouge to C.C.

This specific quote by Lelouch gives us a hint that her name might be connected to snow which is white. In Japanese, the name that translates to white snow is none other than Yuki Shiroi. That’s why the majority of fans support this theory because it feels very legit.

On the other hand, some fans believe that her name is Cecaniah Corabelle. There is no theory behind it. Fans thought of this name after mimicking the lips movement of C.C. during the same episode. However, I don’t particularly believe in it because the lips of anime characters do not move in the same manner that human lips do.

Why C.C. doesn’t use her real name

Many of you might be wondering why C.C. doesn’t use her real name. What’s the big deal behind using a secondary name instead of the real one? Let’s explore some wild reasoning behind it too. There can be several reasons behind it. In my opinion, She doesn’t use her real name because it is connected to her Geass Code, and calling her by that name will be the same as accepting her code which will turn the speaking person immortal.

People might wonder if that is the case why she should go out with her real name as she wants to die a normal person. Well, C.C. is not evil in fact she is kind at heart. She might not want to turn another person’s life into a living hell just like the Nun did with her life.

C.C. has gone through living hell throughout her life. She has been betrayed by her beloved ones. She might have decided to go with a short nickname as she doesn’t trust anyone. C.C. reveals her name to Lelouch which is an indication that for once in life she trusted a guy that’s why she gave him her name.

Interesting Facts:

The character of C.C. has various facts that you might have missed while watching the Code Geass Series. She has the power to talk to people over a fair distance by using Telepathy. C.C. used this ability to talk with Marianne Vi Britannia (Mother of Lelouch) many times.

At the end of Code Geass Season 2, C.C. is traveling in a carriage alone because Lelouch is dead. She was speaking to someone although there was no one near her. People thought it might be her connection to otherworldly beings as she used to talk with Marianne but it is not true. C.C’s exact words were:

“Geass, the power of king isolates people.. Maybe that’s not quite correct Right, Lelouch?”

– C.C.

According to this statement, she is not speaking to another being. C.C. seems to be talking with Lelouch which gives us a hint that he might not be dead yet.

C.C.’s outfits are quite a deal. We have seen her wearing different types of outfits during the Code Geass Series. She has worn various types of clothes ranging from traditional Chinese to western clothes. I must say, C.C. surely loves wearing different types of clothes here and there.

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